There are a number of options available for financing refrigerated transport, and Scully RSV is built upon giving customers the power. Whether you are considering a single vehicle purchase or looking to secure a refrigerated transport fleet, there are many financial and other aspects that must be thought about.

Here are 5 considerations you should make before buying or hiring your chosen refrigerated transport:

Greater Credit Flexibility with Long-Term Leases

It goes without saying that hiring refrigerated transport will cost you less upfront, allowing you greater flexibility to invest your capital in different ways. You won’t have to think about depreciation and you can choose from advanced models whenever you wish to update.

Many clients looking into refrigerated transport leases also like the peace of mind that long-term hiring can provide – by knowing there is a guaranteed end date to your hire term, you can remain focussed on your business model without thinking about resale value.

Control Your Physical Assets with Truck Ownership

Other individuals and businesses prefer to purchase refrigerated transport, simply due to company culture or preferring the control that ownership provides. Those experienced in refrigerated transport who know exactly what they need often opt for the simplicity of an outright purchase. Anyone who purchases a new vehicle understands that depreciation is a concern, but the highly specialised nature of refrigerated trucks means that your asset will remain valuable if kept in good condition.

Hiring Is a Low-Risk Strategy for Those New to the Industry

While Scully RSV can provide detailed and relevant advice to those in the early stages of their refrigerated transport journey, there is still a lot of guesswork involved for those starting out new businesses.

Short-term refrigerated truck hire allows you to choose a model based on conservative business projections. If demand for your product rises quickly, you can switch to a larger model with minimal fuss.

Scully RSV offer hire options ranging in size from 1 to 12 tonnes, meaning you can significantly upgrade your transit potential without breaking the bank.

Buying Affords You the Freedom to Sell at Any Time

If you intend to change your business model in the future or would like to keep your options open, refrigerated truck purchase may be the better option. By buying your trucks outright you can sell them at short notice if there is a radical change in your business plans, without having to worry about fulfilling the terms of your lease agreement.

Seasonal or other factors often determine demand for your product or service. Business operators who run refrigerated transport fleets should think about utilising a mix of purchased and hired units.

You can operate a dedicated fleet of trusted, reliable trucks that you own, while topping up your service during peak periods with short-term leases from a hire provider such as Scully RSV. Forming a relationship with hire providers allows you to come up with a quick transit solution if you get a large one-off order that cannot be serviced by your existing fleet.

Extensive Sale and Hire Options from Scully RSV

Whatever option you choose to go for, Scully RSV has the resources necessary to meet your specific needs and budget. Both our sale and hire fleets contain a huge range of advanced, reliable models for a range of applications. For short and long term leases, we offer the most comprehensive refrigerated truck hire Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can offer.

To speak with our knowledgeable team, give us a call today on 1800 728 559. For any enquiries about our refrigerated transport options, you can contact us online.

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