4 Reasons Hino Is One of the Best Truck Brands

Hino is one of the largest vehicle and engine manufacturers in the world. Find out more about why Hino is one of the best truck brands below:


Thanks to innovative engineering, Hino trucks are robust, reliable and designed to cope with challenging environments and terrains. This makes them a great choice if you need a refrigerated truck that will stand up to long term use.

Compact Footprint

Hino trucks have a compact cab design, which means they are ideal for multi-drop delivery companies. The cabs are low to the ground, and this provides easier access for drivers and passengers. The shorter cab also means that the trucks have a tighter turning circle, which means they are easy to manoeuvre them around city streets that could otherwise be difficult to navigate.

Maximum Payload

Hino trucks are engineered for maximum payload capacity. This increases the weight you can carry on each journey and reduces the total number of journeys you have to take.


Hino trucks are a great investment because they are affordable, fuel efficient and built to last. Hino trucks come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.


Overall, if you are looking for the best truck brand, Hino is a fantastic choice. At Scully RSV, we offer our customers exclusive pricing on Hino cab chassis. Call us to find out more.


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