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Do I need a truck license for all of your RSVs?
In Australia, vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) can be operated with a standard C-Class license, and the same applies with our RSV range. Our larger trucks require MR and in some cases HR truck licenses to operate, in line with standard regulations. License requirements for all vehicles can be found on their corresponding Hire or Sale page.
Where else in Australia can I get a Scully RSV?
We’re committed to offering our RSV range for Sale or Hire across Australia. We presently have locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne but you can contact our team to discuss delivery options for Sale or Hire elsewhere in Australia.
What quality control measures do you use?
We subject ourselves to stricter guidelines and quality control measures compared to our local and overseas counterparts. All manufacturing work is conducted by highly qualified tradespeople, we only use premium materials and all work is covered by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee.
Why do you use different cab chassis providers?
Every vehicle in our RSV range comes standard with a HINO or Isuzu cab chassis, but we provide options from all of the major Japanese brands for those looking for a certain combination. As we are not a single brand dealer, you can be sure the advice we offer on certain brands is unbiased and drawn from long-term experience.
Why do you use fibreglass instead of steel for truck bodies?
Fibreglass is a superior material for truck insulation. Fibreglass offers 20-30 per cent better thermal efficiency without compromising on strength and durability. As a lighter material than steel, you can also expect to use less fuel and incur less maintenance costs as a result. All of our handcrafted truck bodies are built using a high-end fibreglass process.
What financing options are available?
Long-Term versus outright purchase can be a difficult decision for those acquiring a refrigerated truck. Our experienced team can provide advice on the best option for your specific circumstance. Our Hire Range is available with flexible loan terms and specifications. Scully RSV offers easy truck finance to approved applicants. Visit our finance page to learn more and start your application process.