Depending on your financial and business needs, buying a used refrigerated truck may be the most sensible option for your circumstance. However, there is an even higher level of diligence required for research and inspection with used refrigerated trucks than there is for a standard vehicle purchase.

Choosing the wrong refrigerated transport option can hurt your business with extensive repair costs, or even worse repercussions if the refrigerator unit fails during a delivery. We have put together 5 important checks you should make when considering a private used refrigerated truck purchase.

Perform a General Quality Inspection

While the refrigeration components and insulation quality of the used truck you are considering are the most important factors, don’t neglect general mechanical checks when considering a used truck. Check engine and transmission oil levels, inspect the tyres to see if they have consistent wear patterns and ensure there are no fluid leaks or loose connections in the engine bay.

Examine the Truck Body in Great Detail

Inspect the shell of the truck body for cracks or other damage that could impact the insulation performance, and ensure you look for signs of rust on steel sections. Raised spots on paint or other structural rust in door frames are a reliable sign that the vehicle has not been carefully maintained.

Major damage in this regard can be a dealbreaker when you consider repair costs. You should be viewing the truck outdoors and in daylight to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Inspect All Refrigerator Components

It goes without saying that refrigeration components need to be closely examined before you consider a used refrigerated truck purchase. Take steps to ensure that all indicated temperatures are accurate and consistent – any noticeable fluctuations should be a cause for concern. It’s a good idea to re-test temperature levels in different areas of the cargo bay to make sure there are no abnormalities.

Ask for All Available Maintenance Records

​Do your best to get your hands on all maintenance, oil change and parts replacement records when considering a used refrigerated truck purchase. A long history of recent repairs or gaps in the recommended service schedule are both signs that your money may be better invested elsewhere.​

Check the Cleanliness of the Cargo Area

A good indicator of a well-maintained refrigerator truck is a spotlessly clean cargo area, given the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in our industry. If the state of the used truck cargo area is sub-par, it may raise some concerns about how the truck has been maintained over its lifetime.

Cargo areas should be cleaned with industrial detergent and a high-pressure cleaner, and it will be immediately obvious if the previous owner has neglected this step. A scrupulously clean cargo area is especially important if you plan on transporting perishable foods.

Top-Quality Second-Hand Options from Scully RSV

If you are looking for a reliable used refrigerator truck at a competitive price, why not take the hassle out of your search by looking at Scully RSV’s second-hand range? All vehicles sold under our name reach stringent quality requirements and we guarantee the highest possible level of after-sales service.

To learn more about our used fleet options, don’t hesitate to contact our Brisbane team on 1800 728 559 or make an online enquiry.

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