The refrigerated transport industry has come a long way both in Australia and overseas. Here at Scully RSV, we are committed to doing our part to ensure the industry keeps moving forward positively.

Here are some of the key design features you will find in a modern refrigerated truck body that enhance reliability and user experience:

Fibreglass Finish for Greater Thermal Efficiency

The advent of fibreglass has enhanced the thermal efficiency of the refrigerated truck body. Steel was the material of choice for decades, but fibreglass works to trap heat as it flows toward colder areas, allowing temperatures to remain more stable. Fibreglass is estimated to provide 20 to 30 per cent better thermal efficiency when compared to steel. This thermal efficiency is a huge benefit in the case of refrigeration failure or similar, giving truck owners peace of mind that their perishables will remain intact for longer while the issue is rectified. The lighter weight of a fibreglass truck body was also of benefit, allowing for cheaper running costs and efficiency benefits in the long term.

Optimised Cooking Systems

Technological advance and study into truck refrigeration have lead to the modern and efficient trucks we use today. Researchers have been able to conduct simulations that accurately measure what happens to temperatures and airflow when truck body doors are opened and closed.

Research such as this has helped manufacturers create refrigeration units that keep items cool despite outside influences.

Moisture Prevention During Truck Body Design

Refrigerated truck body manufacturers employ an evacuation process when installing units to prevent moisture from forming. Moisture can form in pipes and joints, causing early failure and wear to compressors and entire refrigeration units. New techniques such as dry nitrogen and evacuation pumps allow manufacturers to be confident their installed units are impervious to moisture.

Varied Customisation Options, Including Dividers and Side Doors

Advances in dividers, curtains and door options for truck bodies have created a better environment for those using refrigerated trucks. Fully adjustable curtains or dividers are extremely effective, limiting the total energy expenditure for delivering smaller loads. They are also useful for partitioning when different perishables are being delivered.

Customised doors make refrigerated truck bodies much more user-friendly. Some trucks even feature doors all the way along both sides to help whatever issues may present in the loading or unloading process. A quality manufacturer can customise your refrigerated truck or fleet with single, double, hinged, sliding or even tri-fold doors depending on your specifications.

Choose Your Ideal Truck Body with Scully RSV

We founded the Scully RSV Research Arm with an eye toward determining best practice for the future of the refrigerated transport industry. We are committed to introducing new and exciting models for the consumer now and into the future.

To view our range of refrigeration trucks for sale, you can visit us Monday to Friday at our Archerfield facility. For any enquiries, make a connection with our team online or give us a call on 1800 728 559.

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