5 Custom Features to Consider

Once you’ve settled on the size and specifications of your Scully RSV purchase, it’s time to think about the extra features you might like to have. Our experienced team can tailor a custom truck for you that suits the unique requirements of your business.

We’ve covered five of the custom truck features that we are able to offer as a full-service manufacturer of refrigerated transport solutions. If you have a specific vision for your next purchase, you can be sure that our team is well up to the challenge.

Anodised Custom Restraint Systems

​If you’re after a bit of extra security with fragile loads, our team can customise a durable restraint system for that extra peace of mind. Our vehicles come standard with two rails of load locks and bars, but we’re able to tailor make restraint systems to suit very specific applications.

Our anodising process allows for excellent corrosion resistance, so you can be sure your custom restraint system gets the jobs done for many years to come.

Additional Side and Rear Doors

​Efficient loading and unloading is crucial in refrigerated transport industries, and we’re here to make sure your deliveries are as smooth as possible. We offer a wide variety of side and rear door options, ranging from hinged to sliding doors in single or double configurations, as well as tri fold and mini doors for unloading by pallet or by hand. If you’re planning a custom truck purchase, it’s well worth doing your research on the most efficient distribution system when planning for doors.

Dividers and Curtains for Energy Conservation

Curtains and dividers can play a significant role in maximising fuel and electricity savings and guaranteeing temperature control. If you transport a variety of perishables, they can also be used in conjunction with divider boards to split cargo effectively.

For truck owners who want to take advantage of a dual-purpose layout, an intelligent custom door system means you can load and unload these split zones without impacting the other cargo.

Walkways and Ladders for Servicing

While it’s not a primary consideration for many new truck buyers, Scully RSV can install an over-cab walkway and ladder system on larger models. This is seen as a useful feature for those planning to service their own vehicle or perform a thorough inspection of their truck body at any point.

When the time comes to sell your custom truck, this small consideration can be seen as desirable and may even help with resale value.

Bespoke Finishes and Fitouts

Last but not least, our team at Scully RSV can offer a range of truck bling that will set your vehicle apart from the pack. From chrome grilles on truck and refrigerator units to polished and stainless guards and bullbars, we can add a variety of finishing touches that you’re sure to love.

We even offer customised paint schemes and sign writing for businesses looking to use their new custom truck for brand awareness.

Build the Custom Truck of Your Dreams with Scully RSV

These five features only scratch the surface of what our talented team can do with your custom truck. If you’ve got a particular idea in mind that you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Give us a call on 1800 728 559, or visit our online contact page to get the ball rolling.

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