Choosing the Right Refrigerated Truck: A 5-Point Checklist

Whether you are a small-business owner making your first refrigerated truck purchase or a manager preparing to buy a fleet, there are many factors to consider. Making the wrong decision can damage the bottom line and productivity of your enterprise, so it pays to do your homework before you visit a dealership.

In an effort to help those who are unsure on how to best invest their money, we have put together a five-point checklist for deciding on an insulated truck.

What Storage Capacity Do I Need?

In 2017, insulated trucks are offered in an array of sizes and specifications. It is easy to underestimate or overestimate your needs, but it is best to err on the side of caution when making a decision. While modern insulated trucks are thermally efficient, you don’t want to be forced to make two trips when one will do. With customisation and upfitting to suit your needs available from good dealerships, you might find that you can get by with a smaller storage capacity than you initially thought. Clever design can go a long way when it comes to insulated trucks.

What Temperature Range Do I Require?

Not all refrigeration is the same. When delivering perishables, the slightest deviation in temperature can harm the quality and shelf-life of your cargo. In the past, it was common to see insulated truck dealerships overstate the temperature capabilities of their trucks, but this is not the case in 2017.

Insulated trucks from Scully RSV feature fibreglass design for improved temperature stability, and all vehicles are capable of carrying products at temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to -20 degrees.

Should I Hire or Buy?

For small-business owners considering an insulated truck purchase, it’s hard to know exactly how often you will call upon your refrigerated vehicle. If your client and delivery needs are sporadic and difficult to project, hiring might be the better option for you in the short term.

Many refrigerated truck businesses offer hire options with competitive terms, and it can work out cheaper for you as you build your business. Scully RSV has an extensive hire fleet with flexible loan terms on offer, ranging from single day to yearly rental agreements.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

While you can expect every new insulated truck on sale to come with a manufacturer’s warranty, it is important to know exactly what it covers. Prospective buyers should ask about their warranty coverage when it comes to refrigeration units, structure and upfitting in an effort to avoid hefty repair fees down the track.

Can I Drive It Without a Truck License?

For those who are considering a fleet or single insulated truck purchase, it pays to consider the license requirements of the trucks you are looking at. Larger insulated trucks require a Light, Medium or Heavy Rigid license for use in Australia depending on gross vehicle mass.

For those running small businesses, there are insulated trucks available that can be operated on a normal C-Class license. Scully RSV offer Cool Back and Thermo Transit vehicles that you don’t need a truck license to operate.

Australia’s Premium Insulated Truck Range at Scully RSV

As one of the leading refrigerated truck companies in the country, our extensive range of Refrigerated Special Vehicles includes options suitable for all enterprises. We possess more than 30 years of experience working with insulated trucks and are committed to remaining at the forefront of refrigerated transport technologies. For more information on our range, you can get in contact using our online contact page or by calling 1800 SCULLY.

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