Transporting perishable foods – especially the frozen variety – requires certain measures to ensure safe delivery. If these measures aren’t followed strictly, spoilage could result in unfortunate consequences like ill customers or lost profits. To ensure that your deliveries are safe and effective, here are three tips for transporting frozen food successfully:

Ensure Precise Temperature Control

Precise temperature control is absolutely essential for maintaining the quality, condition and safety of your frozen food. If the temperature is too low, it might damage the goods. If it is too high, it may encourage microbial growth. To ensure precise temperature control, make sure that you are aware of the specifics surrounding the safe temperatures of your load. Also, don’t forget to pre-cool the truck to the required temperature before you load it with the frozen goods! Even a short period of exposure to elevated temperatures can damage frozen goods.

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Use Highly Trained Staff

Handling and transporting frozen food requires more care than delivering non-frozen goods. As a result, it is essential that highly experienced and trained staff are in charge of handling and delivering the frozen goods. Staff should understand food safety and have the knowledge to perform routine maintenance on your refrigerated vehicle (as this ensures that your vehicle is operating safely).

Want to find out more about maintenance and safety for refrigerated vehicles? Check out this blog post. Don’t forget we offer our customers expert servicing and truck maintenance when they hire our fleet.

Consider GPS Tracking

Safe and timely delivery is essential for your business and your clients. If the supply doesn’t arrive on time, customers will lose out and this means lost profits for your clients. The best solution for monitoring your delivery is GPS tracking, which will ensure that deadlines are met and provide clients with the peace of mind that time-critical deliveries are en route.
Looking to Hire or Purchase a Refrigerated Vehicle? Hopefully the tips above will help you when it comes to transporting frozen food. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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