Refrigerated Short-term Truck Hire

Whether you’re a small-scale food distributor or a large-scale event organiser, Scully RSV’s refrigerated truck solutions will provide the flexibility, mobility and reliability your business demands. As leading logistics specialists, we offer national scale fleet solutions, new and ex-fleet sales and long and short-term truck hire options Australia-wide.

In this blog, we break down the pros and cons of both and why Scully RSV is your go-to partner for hire, sales or fleet management.

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What is considered short-term truck hire?

Short-term truck hire typically refers to a brief rental period, ranging from a few hours to weeks or months, depending on the customer’s needs. Scully RSV customers regularly leverage short-term hire options during periods of seasonal demands. It’s also a popular option for customers to access the latest technology, safety and vehicle performance before they progress to long-term hire and sales options.

Short-term truck hire is a popular choice for businesses with temporary or seasonal needs, such as:

  • Catering companies with events
  • Food distributors during peak seasons
  • Retailers stocking up for special promotions

Overall, this option offers more flexibility without the financial commitment and investment required for purchasing a refrigerated truck outright.

Short-term truck hire vs long-term hire vs fleet solutions

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages refrigerated transport solutions and new and ex-fleet sales depending on your unique business needs. Check them out below:

Short-term truck hire pros

  • Ultra Flexibility
    Short-term truck hire grants quick scalability without the commitment of purchase or longer term options. That being said, at Scully RSV you can hire under our long-term arrangements unlocking great rates, with the ability to change the term if your business needs change. The short-term hire option allows customers to scale up the fleet on demand, adapting to business fluctuations and seasonal shifts with ease.
  • Cost-Effective
    Short-term truck hire offers a cost-effective solution for businesses needing refrigerated transport for rare or temporary events. Instead of pulling out the big bucks to buy or lease a refrigerated truck long-term, you can simply rent one for the duration you need without sacrificing quality or reliability.
  • Access to Latest Equipment
    When you opt for a short-term rental, you gain access to the latest truck models, safety and cutting-edge technology to meet your immediate business needs without the long-term investment.

Long-term truck hire pros

  • Lower Per-Day Costs
    While short-term hires can be cost-effective for some circumstances, the per-day rates may be higher than long-term contracts. Customers who secure long-term contracts benefit from cheaper daily rates, even with registration, maintenance, servicing, insurance and 24/7 call out support included.
  • Cost Savings
    Long-term hire contracts typically offer lower per-day rates, resulting in potential cost savings that can really add up over the duration of the contract. Companies often look to secure long-term hire assets in order to deploy capital into other areas of their business. Customers can return the vehicle, swap it for a new one or look to purchase the vehicle outright at the end of the term.
  • Reliability and Stability
    Long-term contracts provide stability and predictability. They can provide booming businesses the confidence to plan refrigeration transportation effectively, knowing they have a reliable partner by their side for the long haul. Scully RSV regularly inspects and maintains the fleet, reducing the risk of breakdowns and frustrating delays.

    Scully RSV’s team of national branch and fleet operators operate as or an extension of in-house fleet teams. We ensure vehicles are maintained, serviced and the running costs are covered so that our customers can get on with running their business. Whether it’s short or long-term hire, Scully RSV has the scale of fleet to service national fleet customers.
  • Customisation Options
    Businesses can often customise their vehicles according to their specific requirements. Whether it’s adding colourful branding, installing specialised equipment, or making modifications to make their job safer and easier, the sky’s the limit.

Fleet Solutions: New and Ex-Fleet Sales

  • Over 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience
    Scully RSV has been manufacturing refrigerated vehicles for over 30 years. The detail that goes into every vehicle is based on decades of customer feedback and the latest in manufacturing materials and technology.

    We can manufacture to our standard fleet specification, allowing customers to quickly and easily access brand new refrigerated trucks. For more customised builds we can offer a range of options across doors, tail lifts, hangers and much more.
  • Trusted Fleet Solutions
    Whether it’s hiring a vehicle or buying one, Scully RSV has customers that regularly access both service options. We only use premium OEMs, the latest in refrigeration technology and our panels are sourced locally to suit the Australian climate.
  • A National Team of Refrigerated Specialists on Call
    Scully RSV has branches in Perth, Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane available to service customers across hire and sales. We offer 24/7 call out support through our Branch Network and National suppliers.

Keeping Australia connected

Scully RSV provides customers all over Australia with Refrigerated Trucks for Sale and Hire and Trailers for Hire. We also offer Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs.

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The Scully Difference

Scully RSV has over 30 years of experience serving the Australian refrigerated transport industry. Our extensive fleet of utes, trucks and trailers gets your business where it needs to be Australia-wide.

Focusing on QUALITY, RELIABILITY, FLEXIBILITY and SERVICE, we proudly work with customers in food and grocery, pharmaceutical, flora, beverages and refrigerated transport. We pride ourselves on offering world-class service without sacrificing flexibility.

Benefits of our short-term truck hire:

  • A variety of daily, weekly, and monthly rental options
  • Kilometre inclusions (varied based on hire duration)
  • 24/7 callout support
  • Electric standby units on all trucks
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Regular servicing for all trucks and trailers, including those with tail lift and fridge
  • Leading industry models, all kept to the highest maintenance standards

Benefits of our long-term truck hire:

  • State-of-the-art refrigerated truck or trailer delivery
  • Annual registration and insurance
  • Truck servicing
  • Refrigerator servicing
  • Range of fridge, tailgate, door and height customisation options
  • 24/7 callout for Truck, Fridge and Tyres
  • 24/7 customer support services

Benefits of our new and ex fleet sales

  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Purchase of a brand new or ex-fleet refrigerated truck built to our high quality fleet specification standards
  • Customised specification options for refrigerated truck manufacturing – we build to your specifications
  • National team of refrigerated specialists
  • Electric Standby included
  • Trusted brands – Hino, Isuzu or Toyota
  • Leading industry refrigeration suppliers, supporting temperature range options
  • Ability to customise door configuration, floors and finishes
  • Leading tail lift suppliers
  • Range of body sizes made using Australian suppliers of refrigeration panels
  • Transmission options

How cold can our refrigerated trucks go?

Scully RSV’s refrigerated transport solutions offer unparalleled versatility with a temperature range spanning from +20 to a frosty -20 degrees Celsius. Our fleet guarantees the perfect environment for your cargo every mile of the journey, whether fresh produce, sensitive pharmaceuticals, or frozen treats.

New Vehicle
Refrigerated Van
Refrigerated Van
C-Class License
Electric Standby
+20 to -18 degrees
Single side & Rear barn