As a florist, you’d be very familiar with the common dilemma of cold rooms not keeping flowers fresh enough for events and deliveries and ensuring their freshness lasts long enough to see well past the actual event! Here we explore how investing in a refrigerated flower truck helps flowers last the distance!

Out with the old, in with the new

Traditionally, cool rooms have been the go-to solution for maintaining flower freshness, as they usually provide a stable environment that slows down the natural wilting process. However, when moving your floral creations to special events and festivals, it’s important to understand the nuances to flower delivery, which requires a versatile and dynamic solution. 

Scully RSV’s temperature-controlled trucks are a revolutionary design for shop owners devoted to wowing their customers near and far. Versatile, reliable, and cost-savvy, our fleet is perfect for clients in food and grocery, pharmaceutical, beverages, festivals, and, of course, flora. 

What to Look for in a Refrigerated Truck

Temperature Control on the Go

One key advantage of a refrigerated truck for florists is its keen ability to maintain precise temperature control while on the move either within the vehicle or with Scully RSV’s ScullyLive, it can be controlled remotely. A temperature-controlled truck ensures your beautiful flowers stay at the optimal temperature from point A to B. 

This solution proves especially useful for florists transporting large quantities to various destinations or delivering bouquets and arrangements during extreme heat or cold weather. 

2 for 1 Design!

Refrigerated trucks serve a great dual purpose: transport and storage units. Imagine the time, money and stress you’ll save during special events and festivals, where it’s essential to keep flowers bright and fresh over extended periods.

Instead of transferring them from a stand-alone cool room to a vehicle, risking exposure to unfavourable conditions, a refrigerated flower truck allows you to manage a seamless cold chain from your shop to the event venue.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

While investing in a refrigerated truck might seem a significant expense initially, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. It can eliminate the need for multiple cool rooms and reduces the risk of flower spoilage during delivery. 

Scully RSV offers refrigerated truck hire options, allowing you to rent the vehicle only when needed, further optimising your costs.  

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, the goal of any florist is to present exquisite, fresh flowers that delight customers and create lasting memories. Hiring or buying a refrigerated flower truck from Scully RSV ensures that your beloved flowers remain at their peak from your shop to the final destination. 

They not only enhance the overall quality of your service but also boost customer satisfaction, helping build a loyal client base.

Minimised Vehicle Wear

Using an unsuitable vehicle for flower deliveries can take a real toll on your engine. Unlike most trucks and vans that need to stay running to keep the air conditioning on, a truck with a specialised cooling unit can easily maintain the ideal environment without overworking the engine. In addition to this, every Scully RSV comes with an electrical standby unit to keep the fridge unit running for longer, whilst the vehicle is turned off.

This design also reduces wear and tear and saves on fuel costs.

Scully RSV: Florists #1 Business Partner

The ideal temperature to transport most flowers is between 0℃ and 3℃. At Scully RSV, our custom, high-quality refrigerated trucks with up to 14 pallet capacities easily maintain this temperature. 

We manufacture, sell, hire and maintain the largest dedicated fleet in Australia. Our hire solutions are fast, cost-effective and highly flexible. Instead of breaking out the capital for new vehicle sales, you can easily pay for the day, week or month rate. We offer both long and short-rental options.

Want to own a vehicle for a great price? Our ex-fleet sales are popular during our quarterly releases.  

With Scully RSV, you have all the support you need to keep your flower business running smoothly all year round. 

Full benefit summary:

  • 9 accessible locations across Australia
  • One-stop-shop to manufacture, sell and hire refrigerated vehicles
  • Versatile range of refrigerated trucks AND trailers
  • 24/7 breakdown support Australia-wide 
  • Stand-by support for fridges – don’t pay for onsite coldrooms
  • Service, insurance & registration included in the one price
  • Over 30 years of cold chain logistics experience 
  • Expert tips and tricks for preserving perishable goods
  • 100% Aussie owned and manufactured in Australia

Flower Power: Let’s get moving!

Clearly, temperature-controlled trucks are a superior alternative to traditional cool rooms, providing:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Dual-purpose functionality
  • Strategic mobility
  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Long-term cost savings

Whether setting up a floral display at a wedding venue, participating in a flower festival, or delivering fresh bouquets to corporate events, Scully RSV can help ensure they arrive in perfect condition, ready to wow your clients. 

Embrace the future of floral transport and storage with our range of refrigerated trucks for florists today! With headquarters in Townsville, Archerfield, Lansvale, Dandenong, Truganina, and Perth, a Scully RSV vehicle is always nearby and ready to meet your needs.

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