Build your own Scully RSV Signature Series

Customisation options

With one of Australia’s most diverse fleets accessible across the country we have listened to what the industry demands and can supply vehicles to suit your individual requirements. If you need a refrigerated vehicle fast along with exceptional service, you’ll be at home with Scully RSV.


We can provide any door configuration that suits your needs, including single or double, hinged or rolling, side or rear or your own unique combination.

Curtains & Dividers

Depending on the size and likely cargo of the truck, we recommend fully adjustable curtains for fuel and electricity savings and optimal temperatures. Divider boards are also recommended for split cargo.

Walkways & Ladders

If you will be servicing the vehicle, we recommend that you consider installing an over cab walkway and ladder system. This is sure to make life easier down the track.

Electric Standby

We offer electric standby in single phase 240V and three phase 415 V, depending on truck type.

Body Internals & Colours

Our vehicles come standard with two rails of load locks and bars for loading and securing your goods. The internal fibreglass colouring can be supplied in any colour of your choice.

Start building your Scully RSV