Modern refrigerated transport vehicles require the utmost structural integrity to ensure longevity and efficient temperature control. Scully trucks are lightweight and hand-crafted from fibreglass to ensure maximum efficiencies when subject to everyday operations. As well as perfecting the mechanical engineering of our trucks, each Scully RSV has been optimised to ensure great exterior and interior visual aesthetics. We also do our best to incorporate our food transport vehicles with the technology needed to ensure optimum comfort and driver experience on the road.

Commitment to Design & Technology

In line with the Scully RSV commitment to constantly improve and push boundaries in design and technology, the Scully RSV team is focused to introduce new and exciting models to the already diverse range of vehicles.

Food Transport Vehicle Features

In Australia, 90% of food is transported using refrigerated trucks. To prevent spoilage, and ensure maximum safety and shelf life of our foods, the Australian food industry is reliant on the technology of food transport vehicles. Scully’s refrigerated service vehicles have the following features.

1. Heat Lock Mechanism


In Australia, the heat alone can pose a huge threat to the health and safety environment that foods are kept in. It’s essential that food transport drivers ensure that their goods remain below the Temperature Danger Zone. This prevents perishable foods from spoiling, decaying or becoming unsafe to consume.

All of Scully’s refrigerated service vehicles feature optimised insulation and a heat lock mechanism due to their fibreglass construction. Fibreglass refrigerated trucks are 20% – 30% more thermally efficient than vehicles made of other materials. This technology blocks outside heat from affecting the trucks internal temperature, so goods can stay stable and in good condition. Our trucks are also white to prevent any opportunities for UV light to create unnecessary heat.

2. High Payload Capacity

All of our handcrafted truck bodies are built to be lightweight in order to increase each vehicle’s payload capacity. This means that heavy items can be transported in a smaller vehicle, which in turn greatly contributes to cost efficiency.

3. Low Running Cost

The increased insulation properties and lightweight nature of our truck bodies result in a faster unit pulldown, reduced fuel consumption and lower electricity usage. They also incur lessened maintenance costs than a standard refrigerated vehicle. This means that you can deliver food further, for cheaper!

4. Increased Life Cycle

Fibreglass bodies are slower to decay than steel. With a Scully food transport vehicle, you will experience a truck that is water-repellent and rot-resistant. It also boasts impressive reductions in wear and tear and downtime, which extends the life of your investment.

5. Units are Impervious to Moisture

When installing cooling units into a refrigerated truck body, an evacuation process is used to prevent moisture from forming in pipes and joints. If done carelessly and moisture forms, the entire refrigeration unit is subject to early failure and also critical wear to compressors.

You can rest assured that our trucks are made by qualified tradesmen using premium materials, and all trucks are backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee.

6. Varied Customisation Options

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We have a variety of customisation options available to ensure your truck or fleet works best for your service. We have many dividers, curtains and door options for truck bodies to provide a convenient service to the operators. As well as this we offer customisation in the form of:

  • Truck Bling
  • Walkways and Ladders
  • Electric Standby
  • Body Internals & Colours, and
  • Meat Hangers
  • Branded Decals

7. Truck Repair and Maintenance Services

We don’t just build trucks and offer fantastic trucks for sale and hire, we also offer repair and maintenance services for all existing and future clients! Whether you need a small repair or a major refurbishment, we guarantee we will deliver a quality result.

Scully’s Superior Food Transport Vehicles Will Get the Job Done!

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We know trucks are exposed to a high degree of mechanical stress as part of their operation. They suffer through extreme heat, heavy loads and constant vibration, so we know there’s no room for compromise when it comes to quality.

We pride ourselves on our superior workmanship and ethics and strive to satisfy the needs and requirements of all our clients. Whatever your requirements in terms of size, comfort, power, capacity, reliability and warranty, we will make sure that you find the perfect vehicle for the job!

If you’re looking for the best value food transport vehicles in the refrigerated food transport industry, contact us or take advantage of our Australia-wide delivery!

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