Refrigerated Food Transport Australia

Scully RSV’s refrigerated trucks are professional transport vehicles which have industry-grade cooling options, suitable for cold or frozen food transport. Their premium fibreglass bodies are designed to maintain temperatures between -20 and +20 degrees Celcius, making them the preferred choice for all foodservice transport businesses. Refrigerated food transport is an essential part of the food supply chain, and must be done by experts to avoid contamination of produce.

Did you know that, in Australia, 90% of foods are transported using refrigerated trucks? The innovative qualities of refrigerated trucks are relied upon to maintain a safe environment for the food being transported.

Quality Refrigerated Food Transport Solutions

Scully RSV subjects all of its vehicles to strict quality control and process measures during construction. Our truck bodies are made by qualified tradesmen using premium materials, and all trucks are backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee.

We understand the risks of heat transfer, storing and transporting mixed products, and the appropriate methods of responding to breaks in the cold chain. Our expertise in the field allows us to inform you of the best-practice methods that ensure food safety and compliance. This is perfect for those new to the world of refrigerated and frozen transport.

Scully RSV offers a range of transport options for those looking to start a new business, or build a fleet, with everything from One Tonne Refrigerated Utes to 12 Tonne Arctic Cargo Towers available for hire or purchase.

meat in back of truck

Short-Term Refrigerated Transport Hire

Scully RSV’s short-term hire refrigerated vehicles come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. Our short-term hire solution is flexible and available for any number of days, weeks or months for a maximum four year hire term.

Long-Term Refrigerated Transport Hire

Scully RSV’s long-term refrigerated vehicle hire options are available for new and used trucks of any size. This long-term solution is available for those needing a refrigerated vehicle for a minimum of four years. When you hire long-term, we’ll look after the full service and maintenance expenses of your vehicle!

refrigerated truck

Refrigerated Trucking Solutions

  • 1 Tonne Cool Back RS
  • 1 Tonne Cool Back RSV (High)
  • 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV | 2 Pallet
  • 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV | 3-4 Pallet
  • <4 Tonne 6 Pallet Alpine Mover RSV
  • 8 Tonne 8 Pallet Arctic Transit Refrigerated Truck
  • 8 Tonne 10 Pallet Arctic Transit Refrigerated Truck
  • 10 Pallet Arctic Transit RSV (High)
  • 12 Tonne 12 Pallet Arctic Mover RSV
  • 12 Tonne 14 Pallet Arctic Cargo RSV
  • 12 Tonne 14 Pallet Arctic Cargo Tower

Scully RSV. Your Refrigerated Food Transport Experts

Whether you need a quick or long-term fix to meet your goals of transporting seafood, meat, frozen vegetables, perishables or meal-kits, we’ve got you covered. To improve the capability your foodservice business, take advantage of our refrigerated food transport solutions and contact us today!