Queensland Truck Rental

Looking for truck rental in Queensland? Scully RSV offers premium quality vehicles for short-term and long-term rental periods! Renting a refrigerated vehicle can help you to grow your business while maintaining steady cash flow. And, with flexible hire terms, you can cut costs and enjoy the advantages of having a refrigerated truck without the commitment. Whatever your requirements in terms of size, comfort, power, capacity, reliability and warranty, we will make sure that you find the perfect Queensland truck rental for the job.

Short Term Queensland Truck Rental

With flexible short term hire options, our fleet of refrigerated vehicles is perfect for businesses with sporadic transport needs, or for those who are looking to grow and expand their services. Whether you need a vehicle for a single-day or a month-long event, short-term refrigerated vehicle rentals are the perfect solution for your growing business.

There are plenty of sizes to choose from, from a 1-tonne ute to a 12-tonne truck and everything in between, you’re sure to find the right vehicle for your foodservice requirements. Located on Brisbane’s southside, Scully RSV offers short-term hire solutions to help you grow your business or expand your fleet while cutting on costs.

Long Term Queensland Truck Rental

Long-term refrigerated vehicle rentals are the best way to keep up with the supply and demand of your growing business. Scully RSV has a selection of brand new refrigerated trucks, in all sizes, available for long-term rental periods. With a minimum term of four years, Scully RSV will look after the full service, repair and maintenance of your brand-new vehicle.

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If you opt for a long-term hire solution, we’ll look after the following expenses and customer service:

  • Brand new, fully customised RSV vehicle
  • Annual vehicle registration and insurance paid
  • Truck service costs
  • Refrigerator service costs
  • 24/7 Callout for Truck
  • 24/7 Callout for Fridge
  • 24/7 Callout for Tyres
  • Windscreen Replacement
  • 24/7 Customer Support Services

Find out more about the Benefits of Our Long-Term Truck Rental.

Quality Guarantee

Scully RSV optimises the latest in refrigerated transportation technology to guarantee accurate temperature control for sensitive goods and products. And, all our truck bodies are all backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee!

Available Refrigerated Vehicles for Hire

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At Scully RSV, we’re dedicating to giving you the best possible experience. This is we have only cost-effective rentals and reliable customer service for all our clients. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.