3 Benefits of Our Long-Term Truck Rental

Do you own a growing business? Are you looking to expand your refrigerated truck fleet, without the financial burden of purchasing a truck outright? Our flexible long-term hire is a fantastic option for growing foodservice companies.

Here are 3 benefits of our long-term truck rental:

Save Money & Grow Your Business

Financially, long-term truck rental is very stable. You can plan your budget around the agreed upon monthly hire cost, and there will no unexpected costs along the way. If you want to focus on expanding your business, spending tens of thousands of dollars up front on a refrigerated truck isn’t the best idea. This huge expense will set back your other plans and prevent you from investing money into your goals. Paying a monthly fee will free you your capital so that you can make other business investments that are essential for your growth. Long-term hire can also grow and adapt according to your business needs. Rather than buying new trucks as you expand, simply hire new ones and know that you are ready to meet any demands that are put on your business.

Receive Support

Managing the servicing, repairs and maintenance of a refrigerated vehicle is an expensive and time-consuming process. When you choose our long-term truck rental, we take care of all your servicing and maintenance needs. This means that you can rest assured that both your truck and your bank account will be in top condition for the duration of your hire.

With our Long-Term Hire service, we look after the full service and maintenance expenses. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Brand new, fully customised RSV vehicle
  • Annual vehicle registration and insurance paid
  • Truck service costs
  • Refrigerator service costs
  • 24/7 Callout for Truck
  • 24/7 Callout for Fridge
  • 24/7 Callout for Tyres
  • Windscreen Replacement
  • 24/7 Customer Support Services


Long-term truck rental should be flexible. At Scully RSV, we know that life isn’t as simple as a truck rental contract, so we are always flexible with our long-term truck rental options.  Although our rental contracts go for a minimum of 4 years, after year 1 you are free to return the truck as long as you give 3-months notice. This is sure to give you peace of mind!

Scully RSV Long-Term Hire

Want to find out more about our long-term truck rental options? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for an obligation-free chat about your options.

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New Vehicle
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Refrigerated Van
C-Class License
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+20 to -18 degrees
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