Food Transport Trucks Australia

Food transport vehicles require superior temperature control to maintain the health and safety of the food being transporting. This ensures that no spoilages occur during the supply chain and the food is delivered safely. It’s incredibly important to choose a vehicle with a premium fibreglass body, heat-lock mechanism and moisture protection. All these features allow the internal temperature to stay consistent, regardless of external factors. Each and every one of Scully RSV’s food transport trucks are made with functionality and safety in mind, affording you the ultimate peace of mind.

Australian Owned and Operated

Scully RSV is an Australian owned and operated refrigerated truck company who is passionate about positively contributing to the Australian food transport industry. Our goal is to provide the foodservice industry with food transport trucks and be flexible to the individual business needs of our customers, Australia wide.

Short-Term Refrigerated Transport Hire

Scully RSV’s short-term hire refrigerated vehicles come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. We have everything from 1-tonne capacity utes, to 12-tonne trucks, and everything in-between.  Our short-term hire solution is flexible and available for any number of days, weeks or months for a maximum four year hire term.

Long-Term Refrigerated Transport Hire

Scully RSV’s long-term refrigerated vehicle hire options are available for new and used trucks of any size. This long-term solution is available for those needing a ute and truck for a minimum of four years. We’ll also look after the full service and maintenance expenses of your vehicle!

Our refrigerated trucks are handcrafted and constructed on-site. We use only premium quality materials to ensure premium thermal efficiency and unmatched quality control. Our goal is to ensure your cargo is protected and transported, risk-free!

  • 1 Tonne Cool Back RSV
  • 1 Tonne Cool Back RSV (High)
  • 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV | 2 Pallet
  • 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV | 3-4 Pallet
  • 4 Tonne 6 Pallet Alpine Mover RSV
  • 8 Tonne 8 Pallet Arctic Transit Refrigerated Truck
  • 8 Tonne 10 Pallet Arctic Transit Refrigerated Truck
  • 10 Pallet Arctic Transit RSV (High)
  • 12 Tonne 12 Pallet Arctic Mover RSV
  • 12 Tonne 14 Pallet Arctic Cargo RSV
  • 12 Tonne 14 Pallet Arctic Cargo Tower

Hire the Best Food Transport Trucks Australia Has To Offer

Scully has the widest range of trucks and refrigerated transport hire, available for Australia-wide delivery. Visit us in Archerfield or Lansvale, or contact us via our website to enquire about our range of premium food transport trucks.