Three Reasons We Trust Hino Trucks

Hino trucks have been a mainstay of the Australian transport industry for more than 50 years, and with good reason. The company themselves specify that Quality, Durability and Reliability are guiding attributes for design of their truck range, and we think the results are true to this vision.

Here are three reasons we choose to trust Hino reliability for our RSV range.

1. They Test Their Australian Models in Australia

Successful refrigerated transport is all about controlling as many variables as possible – if your cab chassis is not up to whatever Australia can throw at it, you can put yourself and your cargo at risk. Australian weather and conditions can be unpredictable, but Hino possess the right attitude to releasing trucks for the Australian market.

Hino’s recently released 500 Series Wide Cab model was tested in Australia before release, and subjected to all of the conditions you could reasonably expect a medium-duty truck to experience. The 500 Series was put to the test on surfaced and unsurfaced roads, city and off-road driving, as well as being exposed to dust, radiant heat, water and long-distance transit. Hino is very confident that the extensive testing will show in the long-term reliability of the 500 Series.

2. They Understand the Importance of Safety and Innovation

Here at Scully we remain dedicated to researching and exploring new options for refrigerated transport, and Hino possess a similar attitude toward industry innovation.

Hino trucks are designed with a class-leading attitude to safety, as evidenced by their award-winning showing at the Brisbane Truck Show this year. The 500 Series was recognised as the Best Light or Medium Duty Truck at the show, and the safety aspects of the new design were singled out for particular praise. In an Australia first, the 500 Series comes standard with Vehicle Stability Control, and the model was also praised for its forward-thinking approach to driver fatigue reduction.

3. Outstanding Hino Reliability and Service Options

Hino reliability has been a selling point for the brand throughout its history, provided that the trucks have been taken care of as recommended. It goes without saying that engine reliability is imperative when transporting perishables, and Hino continue to maintain a positive reputation in this regard.

When it comes to servicing, Hino offer a range of options for the budget-conscious at over 60 Hino dealerships and service centres across Australia. The company offer fixed-price servicing, extended warranties and roadside assistance to Australian customers. Hino Australia have been recognised for their attitude to servicing in the past, having been named 2014 Service Department of the Year.

View Our Range of Hino Trucks at Scully RSV

Scully RSV are proud to offer the most extensive range of refrigerated trucks not just for Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, but all of Australia. Our RSV range comes standard with a Hino cab chassis, and there are a range of customisation options available to our customers. To learn more about Hino reliability or our hire and sales fleet, you can use our online contact page or give us a call on 1800 728 559.

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