As Australia plunges into another lockdown, the importance of cold chain logistics has never been more apparent.

Cold Chain Logistics rely on refrigerated transport to safely deliver temperature-sensitive goods and products along the supply chain. Any product that’s labelled as “perishable” will most likely need cold chain management. This could include foods like meat and seafood, dairy products, fresh produce, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and flowers.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers and their vehicles have been essential all across the country. Demand for essential items like groceries spiked and the importance of food delivery trucks during lockdown has emphasised why reliability is critical.


Essential Deliveries During Mandatory Quarantine

In order to contain outbreaks, many people have been required to enter mandatory quarantine. Major grocery chains such as Woolworths and Coles have been offering home delivery to customers for years but with the advent of these quarantines, demand has grown rapidly. Recently, the sharp rise in requests has resulted in waiting times of up to a week.

Food delivery trucks will pick up food from producers and bring them to distributors for further shipment. They may also pick up goods directly from farms or vendors and deliver the goods directly to another retailer for final sale. Food truck drivers must pass certifications before they can transport temperature sensitive goods such as meat, dairy products and produce. These preventative measures are put in place to keep food safe during transport.

With such high demand, delivery companies have no time to waste and a vehicle breakdown or malfunction could be detrimental to a huge number of stakeholders. They risk running out of food supplies and posing a risk to the community by needing to leave.

Food delivery trucks are key to ensuring people have access to essential items and reliability has never been more critical.



Meeting The Needs Of The Medical Industry

Another sector that has relied heavily on refrigerated delivery trucks during the pandemic is the medical industry.

Hospitals and nursing homes are dependent on deliveries in order to deliver care to patients. Food deliveries have also been a key component needed when cities suffer from an outbreak. Patients need food delivered to them every day in order to keep up their strength throughout their recovery.

Many medical supplies are also temperature sensitive and require stabilised conditions throughout their transportation. Temperature monitoring systems are an essential feature of a refrigerated truck. They control the environment and tracking to make sure supplies are being kept at safe temperatures from when they leave the warehouse or retail location, until the time they reach their final destination.

Without reliable refrigerator trucks, undue stress may be placed on staff and patients, further proving their importance.

Fleet Solutions

Hotel Quarantine Food Deliveries

The value of food deliveries during lockdown doesn’t just apply to home quarantine. Hotel quarantine has been an ongoing isolation strategy for containing the risk of travellers.

Hotel food and beverage managers are aware of the challenges associated with food delivery during a lockdown. Many are creating contingency plans for their supply chain in order to deal with fluctuating demands and restrictions. This can include making arrangements with local food delivery trucks to deliver emergency supplies.

Such valuable cargo means that deliveries need to be efficient and effective. This means delivering on-time and taking steps to prevent damage during transport.

Food delivery trucks, also known as reefer trucks, must have functioning refrigeration systems and specialised carriers for handling specific goods.


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