In today’s connected and disruptive world, maintaining efficiency to compete with competitors is a challenge that requires constant monitoring. One way to do this is by analysing and streamlining your supply chain so you can respond quickly to market changes while boosting your operational efficiency.

Scully RSV works with a range of operators in the transport industry and has a few nuggets of insight on supply chain management.

1. Use technology to integrate supply chain data

Throughout the journey of every shipment, data will be collected several times by each handling facility. This database of information also needs to be shared with parallel systems owned by customers, partners and suppliers. According to CIPS, traditional systems use file uploads such as .xls for batch updates, manual updates or spreadsheet uploads but they are time-consuming and error-prone.

The solution for medium and small enterprises is adding an integration layer into their systems to allow information flows to be automated, creating faster and simpler data sharing. This can also eliminate duplicate data entry processes, saving labour hours and results in a system that is easier to maintain. Many of these processes can also be done on the go using tablets and smartphones.

2. Form strategic partnerships

Another key to success in the logistics industry is maintaining reliable and quality partnerships. It can be challenging to find great supplier partners, but it’s worth investing effort into as you grow your business. Delivery partner StarTrack recommends using a 3PL for warehousing during seasonal fluctuations and delivery, choosing partners who can deliver on your brand promise and looking offshore for cross-docking and pick and pack services.

3. Keep evaluating and refining

It’s essential to conduct reviews of your business’ state, identify where problems in the supply chain are occurring and swiftly take action to reduce costs and pass savings onto customers. Ensure there is a person on your team who is regularly evaluating your supply chain for efficiency and conducting supply chain audits. You can focus on training existing staff, hiring a new manager with qualified skills or even engaging external support.

By implementing these tactics into your supply chain management, you should start to notice increases in efficiency and flexibility, meaning you can stay ahead of competitors and continue growing satisfied customers.

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