6 Essential Features Every Refrigerated Delivery Truck Should Have

Your refrigerated delivery truck is one of the most important investments you will ever make for your business. It can be difficult to know what features are essential, so we’ve compiled a list of essential things every refrigerator delivery truck needs to have in order to deliver on its promises and keep up with demand.

Here are 6 features every refrigerated delivery truck needs to have!


Temperature Monitoring System

A temperature monitoring system is an important feature of a refrigerated delivery truck. This device has intelligent temperature control and tracking to make sure the perishable goods are being kept at safe temperatures from when they leave your warehouse or retail location, until the time they reach their final destination.

Reliable Vehicle Mechanics

Nothing kills a transport business faster late or missed deliveries. That’s why it’s essential to use vehicles that are reliable and proven to get the job done. Hino, Isuzu and Toyota trucks have been ranked at the top of their class for their capability both on the road and in the cab. Combined with talented mechanics who operate with a ‘white rag’ policy, the risk of a breakdown is practically eliminated.


Fibreglass Body

A fibreglass body offers superior insulation and structural integrity. Vehicles fitted with a premium fibreglass body can comfortably regulate temperature from -20ºC to +20ºC. Conversion of our refrigerator trucks is handled in Australia by qualified tradesman who take pride in delivering a final product that is second to none.

Galvanised Steel Chassis

A galvanised steel chassis offers superior corrosion protection and is engineered to deliver on the demands of heavy-duty tasks and weather conditions. Scully RSV vehicles use Australian-made DuraGal®, a lightweight galvanised steel that doesn’t compromise on strength and durability.

Efficient Design That Maximises Space

It’s important that the design of your refrigerated delivery truck maximises space within the refrigerator compartment — more room for products being delivered and less wasted space results in higher profits per trip. Make sure they are stacked in an organised way and segregate items with dividers to prevent them from crushing or damaging each other during transport.

Efficiency plays an important role in our design process with the addition of two load locks and bars for securing as standard, with the ability to customise and add more as required.


Dependable Refrigeration Units

The most essential component of all — a dependable refrigeration unit. As a refrigerated transport company, it’s imperative your goods remain fresh. We use reputable Carrier Refrigeration Units because they’re more efficient, reliable and quieter than other manufacturers.

Why Choose Scully RSV Refrigerated Delivery Trucks?

Since 1993, Scully RSV refrigerated delivery trucks have been the most reliable and efficient in the cold chain logistics industry.

We offer a wide range of models, sizes, and capacities to meet your specific needs. Our trucks are designed for efficiency, packed with features like we’ve discussed plus additional premium options such as a custom business wrap, electric standby and reverse camera.

With a long history of innovation in this industry, we’re confident that you won’t find better quality anywhere else in Australia. Every Scully RSV also comes backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee so you’ve got a great-looking, reliable truck for years to come.

And finally, with our unmatched customer service, why go anywhere else?

Get A Refrigerated Delivery Truck With All These Features And More From Scully RSV

Contact Scully RSV if you want outstanding refrigerated delivery trucks. Our team will help find the best fridge trucks that suit your specific needs and budget requirements while delivering dependable service all year round. What features would you add? Get in touch with us today to learn more out about our buy or hire deals.

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