Cold Food Storage Solutions for Relocating Your Food Business

Moving your restaurant or food retailing business can be a huge step. The change may offer more visibility, customers or a larger space to help you grow. But before going ahead, there’s a range of factors to consider to ensure the move is as productive and successful as possible. This includes preparing logistics and planning on timing to minimise downtime. With Scully RSV’s cold food storage solutions, you can coordinate your move swiftly and ensure no food stock goes to waste.


Cold Food Storage Logistics Planning

Food-based logistics planning is essential to ensure successful business relocation. The biggest challenge is making sure that food and beverages reach their destination at top quality. However, this can be difficult to monitor when you employ a number of third-party partners to exchange goods on your behalf. When left to chance, your food is subject to temperature inconsistencies, cross-contamination, tampering or other food safety failures. For more information on this, read our blog, Food Delivery Vehicles and Their Role in the Supply Chain.

To avoid damaged food, and the potentially damaging consequences (to both your business and your customers), it’s often easier to take matters into your own hands. Hiring or purchasing a Scully RSV refrigerated vehicle gives you full control over your move. It also ensures that your business margins are kept strong and your cost of moving ingredients is kept as low as possible.

For more benefits of looking after your own logistics, read our blog,  5 Advantages of Hiring a Refrigerated Truck.


Food Transportation Safety

When it comes to transporting food, whether it’s frozen, cool or dry, there are Three Essential Rules of Australian Cold Chain Guidelines to follow. By keeping a close eye on (and record of) the transportation temperature and product expiry dates you can always ensure that your clients are receiving food that is safe to eat.

Precise temperature control is critical for moving perishable goods. If the temperature is too low, it might damage the goods, yet if it’s too high, it may encourage microbial growth. So, it’s important to always research the safe temperatures of your load before travelling with perishable food items. For more tips on successful delivery, read our blog, 3 Tips for Successfully Transporting Frozen Food.


Tips to Avoid Freight Damage

Safely transporting your own freight safely requires a little thought on the how. The way you pack and package your goods is essential to prevent freight damage. When your freight is on pallets inside a moving truck, there’s always the risk of liquid spilling and damaging neighbouring goods. Heavy items may also fall or hazardous materials may contaminate your edible foods. These risks can be prevented by following these simple tips:

  1. Seal each package individually
  2. Protect fragile contents from impact (with bubble wrap)
  3. Distribute weight evenly on pallets
  4. Label packages on their fragility or durability
  5. Ensure packaging is free of holes and/or damage
  6. Secure packages to their pallets using plastic wrap


Scully RSV’s Cold Food Storage Solutions

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Whatever your food logistic requirements, Scully RSV – based in Brisbane and Sydney – has the cold food storage solutions to ensure your logistics are met. These include:

  • Refrigerated Truck Hire – For business owners who need to transport perishable food items on an infrequent basis, hiring a refrigerated vehicle offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It can also be beneficial when transportation is based on demand, as you can easily change vehicle capacity when needed.
  • Refrigerated Truck Sales – For food businesses who operate in the wholesaling or distribution space, purchasing a truck gives you complete control over your supply chain. It ensures that you’re always ready to accept orders, no matter where you are.
  • Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs – We offer speedy and accurate diagnoses and a full range of service and repair capabilities to ensure your truck is operating at its best. These services are also beneficial to help extend the life of your refrigerated vehicle.
  • Custom Fit-Outs – Whether you purchase a truck or opt for our Long-Term Truck Hire, we can fully customise your vehicle to suit your requirements. For more information on this, see Our Latest Truck Configurations.
  • Custom Truck Builds – We are a multi-brand refrigerated truck body builder and have grown our dealer networks to include cab/chassis options from leading truck brands including Hino and Isuzu. This solution is particularly beneficial for businesses regarding the extension of the $150,000 Instant Asset Write-Off until 30 June 2021.


Contact Scully RSV To Discuss Cold Food Storage Solutions For Your Business

We operate from Brisbane and Sydney and offer truck delivery Australia-wide to ensure your products are delivered to wherever they need to be within Australia. If you have any questions about relocating your restaurant or food retailing business, get in touch with the team at Scully RSV. Whatever your requirements, we’ll take the time to discuss them in detail and sort out the appropriate cold food storage solution for your business.

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