There is a debate that is brought up between fleet managers time and time again — is it better to buy or hire trucks? It’s true there are decent arguments for both sides. However, in the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of businesses that are opting to lease their transportation fleet for various reasons.

Making any business decision relies on weighing up the costs and benefits. While a private fleet offers plenty of control and tax advantages by depreciation, it also places the costs of operations entirely on the shoulders of your business. 

Ideally, you want to work with a partner that gives you the best of both world —  where you can enjoy the advantages of customisation with the low costs of a dedicated fleet. 

This list outlines the advantages of leasing your transportation fleet and how  owning a vehicle can end up costing you significantly more money.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is a necessary evil when your business revolves around transportation and trucks. Leasing your transportation fleet means your maintenance will be handled by the leasing company and ease the burden off your company. Depending on your leasing agreement, coverage could range from routine scheduled maintenance to roadside assistance across states. 

Trucks are also constantly improving technology and safety features. Whilst this benefits the environment and driver safety, it also results in trucks spending more time getting repaired. As a small business owner, it’s expensive to keep your refrigerator truck fleet at the forefront of technology when purchased. 

Furthermore, handling maintenance on your trucks will require you to hire and retain your own technicians. As refrigerator trucks become increasingly technologically advanced, it will be a challenge to find and hire suitable technicians. 

In the end, taking into account the maintenance costs and savings of a reduced payroll, leasing a truck with a maintenance package could save a business a great deal of time and relieve pressure.

Easier Turnover of Your Fleet

Leasing your transportation fleet allows you to quickly and easily turn over trucks compared to if you owned them.

Firstly, understand that fleet turnover is normal. Trucks naturally experience wear and tear over time and mechanical parts will break. Eventually, the time comes when a truck needs to be replaced. If you want to know more about determining the life cycle of a truck, read this article. 

So how do you replace an old truck? If you don’t have the capital, you will need to sell it first. This causes downtime in productivity while you spend time listing the truck and speaking with prospective buyers. Other trucks would need to spend more time on the road to make up for the lost time. 

When leasing your truck, simply return the truck at the end of the lease and drive a new truck off the lot the same day.

Your Fleet Will Have Newer, Safer, Technologically Advanced Refrigerator Trucks

Newer refrigerator trucks have many advantages. They are more fuel efficient and handle emissions better than trucks even from 5 years ago. They are also safer and more comfortable. Whilst most companies cannot afford to purchase new trucks when better models come to market, leasing presents the opportunity for even smaller businesses to enjoy the benefits of newer refrigerator trucks.

Benefits such as:

  • GPS tracking to know where trucks are throughout the day.
  • Better safe features, such as reverse cameras and warning sensors. 
  • Improved driver comforts with better seating and air conditioning.
  • Data-driven tracking and intelligent temperature monitoring systems

One Non-Logistical Benefit of New Trucks Many People Don’t Consider

There’s a problem trucking faces that also affects many other industries — there is a shortage of reliable and qualified drivers. This makes it hard to recruit them and even harder to retain them. 

Providing newer trucks for drivers becomes a powerful solution. It’s simple, truckers like to drive new trucks due to the comfort, advanced technology and satisfaction it brings. If you have a refrigerated transportation fleet that’s stocked with new trucks, you will notice it’s much easier to not only to recruit qualified drivers, but also to retain them for the long term.

The Biggest Misconception We See With Our Clients

In all the years we’ve spoken to small business owners, we always hear the same argument against leasing a transportation fleet. 

They say “I have a small business, with only four trucks. It doesn’t make sense to lease them.”

What many don’t consider is that the smaller your company, the more you rely on you fleet to get your products to your customers. Creating a transportation fleet with newer trucks means increased reliability, longer service, and savings on maintenance and fuel costs. 

Larger companies are able to absorb downtime caused by mechanical problems and maintenance, due to having more trucks, drivers and resources. Absorbing this impact is not so easy for smaller businesses.

Fleet Management Taken Care Of By Experts

Scully RSV is Australia’s leading transportation fleet maintenance and management company. Since 1993, we have provided the cold chain logistics industry with the most reliable and efficient vehicles on the market. We keep leasing terms easy to understand and affordable, so you can get the best deal. 

Benefits include:

  • Short and long term hire options
  • Leases for ranging from vehicles 1 tonne utes to 12 tonne freight trucks
  • Advice to help you select the right vehicles for your business 
  • Customisation options including wraps to add your business logo

Expand Your Transportation Business With The Experts

There’s new opportunities waiting in transportation fleet leasing.

Scully RSV has three depots across Australia — Archerfield, Queensland; Lansvale, New South Wales and Dandenong, Victoria — allowing us to support and grow with your business. 
If you are considering establishing your own refrigerator truck fleet, restructuring your logistics, or simply looking for a solution that removes the hassle of managing your own trucks, we encourage you to contact us today!

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