Whether you’ve owned a truck for several years or have just bought one, routine truck maintenance is essential to keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently. Regular check-ups and maintenance are a proactive way to identify problems before they escalate and become expensive to fix. At Scully RSV, we know how important it is for our clients to be able to depend on their refrigerated vehicles. This is why we’ve outlined a few basic tips to help you keep your truck in peak condition for years to come.

Regularly Check and Change Your Fluids

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Checking your engine oil and other fluids such as your coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid is an easy way to avoid major problems. Routine fluid checks allow you to identify any rapid drops in fluid levels, which may be caused by a consumption or leak problem. If you believe there’s a leak, your engine can be checked and the issue can be fixed before becoming worse.

Which Fluids to Check/Change

  • Engine Oil – Engine oil may be the most essential fluid part of routine truck maintenance. This is because contaminants such as dust, dirt and debris can enter your engine oil and limit your truck’s ability to perform its best. Regular checking and changing will help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns in the future.
  • Coolant – Coolant helps to keep your engine running at an optimum temperature. It helps your engine to perform better and can reduce risk when travelling in extreme temperatures.
  • Power Steering – Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid which is responsible for transferring power between components of your steering system. It allows you to turn the truck’s steering wheel easily. Regularly checking and changing this fluid helps to prolong the life of other critical power steering parts including the pump and the rack, which can be costly to replace.
  • Brake Fluid – Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is used to amplify your truck’s braking force. Over time this fluid absorbs moisture which can impact its effectiveness. It’s essential to replace your truck’s brake fluid regularly to ensure your brakes are performing efficiently.
  • Windshield Washer Fluid – Topping up your washer fluid helps you to remain safe on the road by easily cleaning dust and smears off your windshield.

Frequency of Fluid Changes

How frequently you change your fluids depends on a number of factors. It depends on the distance you travel, the weight of your load and the conditions you drive in (dusty conditions, off-road driving, highway or city traffic). Always refer to the manufacturer’s suggestions regarding fluid change and frequency.

2. Check Your Tires

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Both the pressure and the tread of your tires are critical to your truck’s performance and fuel economy.

Tire Pressure

It’s essential to check your tire pressure often as low tire pressure can impact your driving experience, cause uneven wear to your tires and also reduce your traction, braking and load-carrying ability. These issues are easily avoided by ensuring your tires are inflated properly at all times.

Tire Condition

Checking your tire condition and tread depth is also an important part of your preventative truck maintenance. Uneven wear may indicate a suspension or wheel alignment problem. And, worn tire tread may cause difficult handling in wet conditions and puts you at risk of a blowout, which can cause a serious accident.

If your front tires are worn more than your rear tires but are still in good condition, consider rotating your tires. This will help you to maintain even wear on all four tires and will prolong the lifespan of your truck’s tires. Doing this also helps to reduce vibrations on the road which may lead to improved fuel efficiency and a longer lifespan for the suspension of your vehicle.

3. Check Your Air and Oil Filters

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Air Filter

Outside air contains dust particles which enter your truck’s air filter as you drive. These small particles can damage your truck, so checking your air filter should be included in your truck maintenance checklist. The dust and dirt that surpasses an air filter may impact your airflow to the engine, clog throttle bodies and pollute spark plugs, cylinders and piston rings. If this dirt ends up in your engine block, it can damage your truck’s bearings, shafts and other valve components. This will likely cause the ‘Service Engine’ light to turn on.

A good-quality air filter will usually stop 98% of microscopic dust particles from passing through. By ensuring that your air filter is clean, you’ll benefit from better fuel efficiency and a smooth driving experience. If you often drive on dusty roads, it’s important to check your filter more regularly to ensure that your engine is safe from pollution damage.

Oil Filter

Your truck’s oil filter is responsible for removing any dust and debris from the engine oil. If engine oil is unfiltered for an extended period of time, tiny, hard particles can form and wear down other surfaces in your engine. Changing your oil filter allows you to stop these particles from damaging your engine and ensures that your oil stays cleaner for longer.

4. Get your Truck Inspected

Undergoing a truck inspection allows you to catch any safety or mechanical issues early on. By putting in the time to check your truck for issues, you’ll be able to enjoy it for longer!

Scully RSV’s Truck Repair and Maintenance Services

At Scully RSV, we don’t just build trucks and offer fantastic trucks for sale and hire, we also offer repair and maintenance services for all clients! We offer the following services:

  • Structural welding and modifications on all types of vehicles
  • Fibreglass and panel body repairs, alterations, and or replacements
  • Door seals, roller-doors, door replacement and door additions
  • Floor repair, floor replacement, floor re-surfacing and re-grit
  • Panel, paint and smash repairs
  • Fridge/freezer curtains, rolling dividers and freezer mats
  • Removal and fitment of fridge/ freezer units
  • Complete body swap and refits
  • Sidestep repairs
  • Sidestep manufacture and fitment (fold down, permanently fixed)
  • Manufacture and fitment of ladders, walkover platforms
  • Supply and fitment of loaders to suit your applications

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