What Is Telematics?

Telematics is vehicle technology that collects, stores and transmits information about a vehicle for tracking and management purposes. This information can be used by drivers and fleet managers to analyse and improve vehicle performance, fleet efficiency, driver performance and more.

The Popularity of Telematics

Telematics has proved so useful for the refrigerated vehicle industry that the technology is becoming standard equipment in new refrigerated vehicles throughout the world. According to Statista, the global vehicle telematics market has almost doubled since 2014, and will be worth approximately US $103 billion by 2022. You can read more about the popularity of telematics in Australia here.

The Benefits of Telematics for Refrigerated Truck Fleets

Here are just some of the benefits of telematics for refrigerated vehicles:

  • Drivers can monitor the temperature of their loads, and ensure that perishable items are fresh and safe for delivery
  • Fleets can easily meet their cold chain requirements (read more about the Australian Cold Chain Guidelines here)
  • Telematics can report on harsh or aggressive driving, or other conditions that could impact/damage the products being delivered
  • Vehicle downtime can be reduced through vehicle diagnostic reporting
  • Telematics can ensure that fleets are performing at their optimal capacity by tracking and measuring delivery density and vehicle utilisation
  • Fleet managers can gain an all-encompassing image of how their fleet (and their drivers) are performing
  • Telematics can reduce the cost of refrigerated truck ownership in various areas, including maintenance and repair, fuel and tyre consumption
  • Fleet managers can receive real-time predictive maintenance information, so that they can replace components before they wear out
  • Telemetrics can generate management reports that streamline driver/truck allocation and scheduling
  • And more!


Telematics makes it easy for drivers, fleet managers and employers to monitor truck temperature, manage driver performance, improve food safety and reduce fleet management costs. Telematics is advantageous for fleet managers in so many ways, and we’re stoked that this fantastic technology is becoming standard in the refrigerated truck industry.

If you have any questions about telematics, don’t hesitate to contact us.