Refrigerated Freight Hire Australia

Whether you need to transport dairy or food products, beverages or pharmaceuticals, cold chain compliance is essential. Scully RSV has over 30 years of experience in the buying, trading and manufacturing of refrigerated freight vehicles. Our experience is demonstrated through our superior workmanship, ethics and production of efficient and cold chain compliant refrigerated trucks and utes.

High-Quality Refrigerated Vehicles

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is essential for maintaining ease throughout the supply chain. The high-quality and innovative nature of our vehicles allows the foodservice industry to comfortably rely on our trucks, knowing that their goods don’t ever face the risk of spoiling.

The fibreglass bodies, premium insulation properties and heat-lock mechanism of each of our trucks guarantee that Scully’s refrigerated service vehicles will get the job done safely and effectively! For more information, read our blog, Why Scully RSV’s Are the Premium Choice For Food Transport Vehicles.

Short-Term Refrigerated Freight Hire

With one of Australia’s most diverse fleets accessible across the country, we have listened to what the industry demands and can supply vehicles to suit your individual requirements. Scully RSV’s short-term hire refrigerated vehicles come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. Our short-term hire solution is flexible and available for any number of days, weeks or months for a maximum four year hire term.

Long-Term Refrigerated Freight Hire

Scully RSV’s long-term refrigerated vehicle hire options are available for new and used trucks of any size. This long-term solution is available for those needing a ute and truck for a minimum of four years, and we’ll look after the full service and maintenance expenses of your vehicle!

Brisbane & Sydney Locations

Scully RSV is located in Archerfield, Brisbane and Lansvale, Sydney. Our services include refrigerated freight sales, short-term hire, long-term hire, repairs, custom fit-outs and truck servicing.

Australia-Wide Delivery

Scully RSV proudly offers Australia-wide delivery on all refrigerated trucks. We also provide 24-hour customer service for all clients.

Contact Scully RSV to Organise the Hire of Your New Refrigerated Freight Vehicle

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