At Scully RSV, we understand that everyone is looking for value for money, vehicle performance, technology integration and great customer service. That’s why we thought we would give you some tips when it comes to maximising the use of your refrigerated truck rental, saving you time and money and ensuring you’re using your Scully RSV vehicle to your advantage.

Here’s how to get the most out of your chilled or frozen transport vehicle – whether you’re hiring for the short term, or the long term.

Ensure The Temperature Is Set Correctly

If you have chosen refrigerated truck rental, you’ll definitely want to ensure that the temperature is correctly set for the stock you intend to carry. At the correct temperature, there is a reduced risk of stock damage and contamination. Placing frozen food in a warm truck risks spoilage and food safety, plus a temperature that is too high can cause unnecessary fuel usage.

Plan Your Trips

Making use of GPS or otherwise planning your route in advance is a great way to avoid unnecessary mileage and fuel costs. You’ll get the most out of your refrigerated truck rental this way, whilst also ensuring your truck avoids low overpasses or narrow streets that could hinder your driving.

Ensure The Truck Is Maintained

Nothing ruins a day on the road more than a flat tyre, failed fan or metering device. Maintaining your refrigerated vehicle goes a long way to maximising your rental time, ensuring you can move your refrigerated stock with minimal hiccups. When you rent via Scully RSV, we can assist with maintenance and repairs to your refrigerated truck.


Load And Unload Efficiently

There are some guidelines you can follow to loading and unloading a refrigerated truck that will minimise your downtime and maintain temperature control. These include loading heavy items first, creating a secure grid with your stock, label and strap down your cargo, and consider investing in equipment such as a trolley to help you move your stock easier.

Consider Long Term Hire

Long-term refrigerated truck hire can be a more cost-effective solution when it comes to refrigerated truck rental. It can help lower your rates, and you’ll have an ongoing team to help support your business as well if you book with Scully RSV. And, unlike purchasing your own truck – which can come with a possible long wait time – we have a fleet of trucks ready to service your business.

Talk to our friendly team today and find out how a Scully RSV refrigerated truck can help you.