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When you are walking through the supermarket, do you ever pause to think just how all those fruits, vegetables, and everything are so lush? Whilst the journey from farm to plate may seem simple (the food goes into the truck and the truck goes to the supermarket), behind this seemingly simple journey lies a surprisingly complex web – the food supply chain – and Scully RSV plays a vital role in ensuring its seamless operation.

The food supply chain stretches from farms and production facilities to distributors, retailers, and finally, ends in our kitchens. Each step requires careful planning and coordination, with temperature control playing a critical role in preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods. This is where Scully RSV’s expertise in refrigerated truck hire comes into play. We’ve been keeping Australia’s food supply chain moving for over thirty years, so we know what it takes to work with farmers and food producers all over the country.

Ensuring Freshness At Every Step

At Scully RSV, we supply the Australian food chain with a diverse fleet of temperature-controlled trucks and trailers – everything from smaller models right through to popular jumbo 14-pallet and B double options – tailored to meet the specific needs of various food products. Our in-built chiller units maintain optimal temperatures for fruits, vegetables, and dairy, while our specially designed freezer units guarantee frozen goods arrive in perfect condition. This flexibility ensures maximum freshness throughout the journey, minimising spoilage and waste.

Going The Distance

Australia is a huge place with vast road and highway networks – and this can pose a unique challenge for the food supply chain. After all, keeping a truck full of vegetables cold can be difficult when you’re driving for hours on end, through different climatic conditions, including humidity. Our network of strategically located branches in key logistics locations supports the food supply chain by proximity, helping to deliver produce and other perishables from farm to distribution centre  to store to plate, whether interstate or much closer to major cities.

Manufacturing That Leads The Way

All Scully RSV vehicles – including the trailer, truck, body, fridge and tail lift – are regularly serviced by our professional team, ensuring optimum reliability and quality workmanship. On top of this, all trucks in the hire fleet are handcrafted by Scully RSV in our purpose built production facility, and have an industry leading average age of two to three years. Our extensive fleet of trailers include only leading industry brands. We’re leading the way when it comes to quality refrigerated truck hire to keep Australia’s roads moving.

A Focus On Food Safety

Our contribution to the food supply chain fosters a ripple effect, which goes on to impact every stage from farm to plate. Our reliable and efficient refrigerated truck hire services contribute to:

  • Reduced food waste. When less food goes off, less food ends up in landfill, which is a huge benefit to the environment
  • Enhanced food safety. The consistent temperature control of Scully RSV trucks and trailers minimises the risk of foodborne illnesses, which goes on to safeguard those in the community
  • Greater food accessibility. When our trucks and trailers are on the road, we contribute to efficient logistics, which helps expand the reach of fresh produce and other perishables. This means that people across the country will have access to fresh, nutritious food.

At Scully RSV, we’re more than just a refrigerated transport company: we’re partners in ensuring a robust and efficient food supply chain in Australia. It’s our purpose: connecting communities. Get in touch with us today, and discover the difference a Scully truck can make to your business.

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