4 Ways Scully RSV’s Food Transportation Services Can Grow Your Food Business

If you’re in the foodservice industry and want to get your dishes tasted, chances are you need a way of getting them around! With Scully RSV’s easy, cost-effective and flexible food transportation services, you can grow your business to new heights by reaching markets you’ve never before considered. Instead of waiting for people to come to you, why don’t you go to them? We’ve compiled a list of ways you can expand your foodservice business, and really get your brand seen.

1. Begin Catering for Events

This can be a scary concept for some, but with the help of Scully RSV’s food transportation services, the hard part quickly becomes quite manageable. By hiring a refrigerated ute or truck or purchasing a new or used refrigerated truck, you now have the resources available to easily transport your food and equipment, without risk of contamination. With the transportation of your food products now sorted, it’s time to consider catering for:

  • Weddings
  • Corporates
  • Parties
  • Camping Trips
  • Boat Cruises, and
  • Picnics

To begin, start small by reaching out to friends with a birthday or camping trip coming up, and use a 1-tonne ute to supply your food services. Otherwise, build on your existing database of food lovers and run a competition to win a larger catering event. Then, pull it off by hiring a 3-tonne truck for the day. No matter the event, the location, or the capacity you’ll be catering for, Scully RSV’s flexible food transportation services will be able to accommodate your catering requirements.

2. Participate in Food Markets

If you’ve never considered marketing your food this way before, it’s time you do! With Scully RSV’s food transportation services, it now becomes a possibility to feature your favourite dishes at a local food market. Allowing people to sample your food is one of the best ways to grow your brand and get your food noticed. Hint* Make sure to print a lot of business cards!

Being able to easily transport your food using a refrigerated truck opens you up to so many possibilities. You can now try and target different local markets to gather feedback and find the niche that works for you, expand your database of food lovers, as well as meet other foodservice business owners to make valuable, long-lasting connections. Read more about the benefits of refrigerated utes to see how you can benefit from using Scully RSV’s food transportation services.

3. Offer Delivery Services

This is a fantastic method for growth if you’re selling a product from home or online. By offering delivery services, rather than pick up only services, you’re opening up the potential for interest from a number of different demographics. With Scully RSV’s food transportation services, using a refrigerated truck or ute means you can drive for as long as you like while keeping your food fresh! You can now deliver your product or service to areas that may have originally been out of reach.

4. Market your Brand on the Road

With completely customisable refrigerated trucks, you can mark your branding on any ute or truck, and display it to hundreds of people on the road! Make sure to include your business details and you’ll see customer growth in no-time.

Use Scully RSV’s Refrigerated Trucks to Your Advantage

These are just four of many ways that Scully RSV’s food transportation services can help you grow your business. If you’re in a position to buy a refrigerated truck, rather than hire one, you can even consider creating your very own food truck!

Scully RSV’s food transportation services are easy, cost-effective and flexible enough to suit your requirements. Browse the selection of trucks for hire or get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you grow your business!

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