refrigerated ute

The Benefits of Refrigerated Utes

If you require the perfect refrigerated vehicle to do small local deliveries of refrigerated goods including food, beverages, flowers or anything else, a ute is the best option. Not all companies require a large truck – and this is where the refrigerated ute steps in! Utes are easy to drive and manoeuvre, and they will take you from point A to point B with very little hassle.

Here are some benefits of refrigerated utes:

  • No special license is required
  • Easy to manoeuvre and drive around town
  • Very easy to access your goods due to smaller size
  • Fuel efficient

Maybe you already have a fleet of refrigerated trucks and want to add some additional vehicles, but on a smaller scale. Perhaps you are just starting your delivery business. Or, maybe you need a fill-in vehicle to make up for vehicle downtime or for unexpected overflow on a haul. Whatever your needs, a refrigerated ute is a perfect solution for a number of situations.

At Scully RSV, we have refrigerated utes for sale and hire. Enquire today to find the perfect option for you!


New Vehicle
Refrigerated Van
Refrigerated Van
C-Class License
Electric Standby
+20 to -18 degrees
Single side & Rear barn