There’s no denying the power of Valentine’s Day when it comes to flower sales across Australia. In 2023 alone, Australians splashed out on $485 million worth of gifts, with many of those gifts including beautiful fresh blooms, of course.

But ensuring these delicate symbols of affection arrive fresh and vibrant can be tricky. This year, skip the delivery dramas by choosing Scully RSV as your trusted partner for flower van hire, and keep your blooms fresh and beautiful.

How Refrigerated Transport Can Help Florists

Climate-controlled vehicles are a fantastic choice for florists who want to say goodbye to cramped cabs and wilted petals. 

Increased Delivery Flexibility

At Scully RSV, we can offer a diverse fleet of maintained refrigerated vans and trucks that are perfect for navigating the Valentine’s Day rush. Our short-term rentals are perfect for the romantic season, allowing you to reduce stock spoilage at one of the most important times of the year. Need a van for a few days? We have you covered. Planning a long-distance bulk delivery? We have reliable trucks ready to tackle the journey.

But convenience doesn’t stop at temperature control (which is powered by long-trusted brands such as Carrier) – our trucks and vans boast ample loading space, allowing you to transport arrangements of all shapes and sizes without damage to your floral arrangements.

Flowers Kept Beautiful, For A Beautiful Delivery

Beautiful, vibrant blooms are par for the course on Valentine’s Day, which is why refrigerated flower van hire can be a crucial choice for florists. Refrigerated vans minimise temperature fluctuations, preventing wilting, drooping, and discoloration – which means that there is significantly less wasted product and therefore better profit margins for florists. Flowers also have optimal temperature ranges for long life, and refrigerated vans help to keep them consistently cool, extending their vase life and allowing customers to enjoy their arrangements for longer.

A Cost-Effective Choice

When stock is damaged or spoiled, this translates into a loss in revenue for any florist. Knowing that your cargo is protected from weather extremes and temperature fluctuations gives you a sound peace of mind, and reduces the need to throw out any flowers damaged by the elements. And, compared to discarding wilted flowers, minimising waste through refrigerated transport promotes sustainability and respect for the environment (which all flower-lovers will appreciate!)

How Refrigerated Trucks Drive Valentine’s Day

When the global demand for roses rises on Valentine’s Day, it’s trucks that get these special symbols of love across the country. Because aeroplanes aren’t refrigerated, it’s trucks that do the heavy lifting, transporting flowers all over Australia for florists, markets and much more.

But choosing Scully RSV as your flower van hire partner for Valentine’s Day is about more than just logistics: it’s about showcasing your passion, ensuring your customers receive their tokens of love in pristine condition. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. With support that is always a call away, we can provide peace of mind throughout the busiest day of the year for a florist.

Contact us today to discuss your flower van hire needs and ensure your deliveries arrive in tip-top shape. 

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