With recent demand spiking for refrigerated transport services, now is the time for businesses to make the most of it by scaling their operations and investing in future growth.

Scully RSV offers sale, hire and maintenance services and has built an enviable position as one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in Australia. What began as a small operation out of Brisbane in 1993 has since expanded across three interstate locations, approaching 500 conversions annually and recently added refrigerated trailers into the fold. This has allowed Scully RSV to offer superior services and competitive prices for businesses at every scale.

As the Spring and Summer seasons approach, we expect the market to continue fueling demand and our team is ready to meet whatever needs clients may have.


Servicing Australia Across Three Locations

As we strive towards our goal of being Australia’s leading refrigerated truck supplier, we’ve steadily been ramping up our operations across the nation’s capital cities.

We now have three interstate locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Archerfield in Brisbane is our main office with all operations including manufacturing, maintenance and repairs, and all client services. We recently expanded next door to trial scaling up our manufacturing to double what it is now. Our long term goal is to have a purpose-built facility near Larapinta, an industrial precinct west of Brisbane. We believe this will enable us to supply branches in all the capital cities with enough ready-to-go stock and hire units to satisfy nationwide customer demand.

Our Sydney facility is located in Lansvale and provides client services for buying, short term hire and long term hire. We also have a maintenance and repairs specialist team to keep trucks optimised.

Scully’s latest logistics hub recently opened in Melbourne’s Dandenong South. This new division will support our initiatives down in Australia’s southern states with maintenance, sales and hire services.

By having facilities across the East Coast, we can deliver a strong support network to customers and serve the busiest trucking routes. We also offer free delivery across Australia, so businesses from Adelaide and Perth for example can access our capabilities with fewer barriers.


Diverse Options For Every Business

When it comes to cold chain logistics transportation, there’s possibly no one in Australia with the variety and scale of vehicles as Scully RSV. We have a diverse fleet of utes, light trucks, heavy trucks and trailers which are precision made for transporting temperature-controlled goods across the nation.

Our wide range includes:

This level of flexibility allows us to offer options for businesses at every scale. From small businesses to large organisations, we have the capabilities to provide a tailored solution for a competitive price. Check out Long Term Hire to learn how you can take advantage of fixed operating expenses and tax-deductible operating leases.

When it comes to individual industries, Scully has expertise in supporting the food, transport, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This has made us the hiring partner of choice for many organisations across the Australian cold chain logistics network.

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