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Scully RSV CEO Avraam Solomon

A Little Bit of History

When CEO Avraam Solomon took over from Damien Scully in 2017, his plan was to build on the foundations of this already successful business and turn Scully RSV into one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in Australia.

Damien and Avraam have a close professional relationship that goes back almost 30 years. Avraam, who has been involved in the foodservice industry since the 80s, was actually a Scully RSV customer for 20 years prior to becoming CEO. Avraam’s family owned a Brisbane-based refrigerated truck business, and the first truck that they ever bought was purchased from Scully RSV.

When Damien decided to divest the business a few years ago, Avraam was the first person he thought of to take over as CEO.

We’re Increasing Our Truck Manufacturing

Since Avraam became CEO, Scully RSV has experienced fantastic growth. Although Scully RSV used to manufacture about 80 trucks per year, the business is now finishing about 250 trucks per year, with the goal to create 400/500 per year in the near future.

We’re Expanding Our Locations

This truck volume requires more space and manpower. Scully has two current locations, in Brisbane and Sydney, and has recently purchased another Brisbane property that will provide means to produce a further 150 bodies per year. The long-term plan is to also have a purpose-built facility in an industrial precinct in Brisbane. This expansion will allow Scully RSV to meet nationwide customer demand and ensure we always have stock ready to go.

Find Out More

You can read more about the growth of Scully RSV in this great article from Power Torque. Want to find out more about what we’re doing to become one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in Australia? Just give us a call!


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