Conquering Australian Heat With Scully RSV’s Cutting-Edge Refrigeration

Australia’s scorching temperatures and stifling humidity pose a unique challenge for transporting perishable goods across the country – this is why maintaining optimal temperature control is crucial, not just for food safety, but also for preserving the quality and freshness of sensitive cargo. 

That’s where Scully RSV’s cutting-edge climate-controlled trucks come in, built to conquer the harshest of Australian conditions. But what sets Scully RSV’s trucks apart? The answer lies in our meticulous manufacturing process – done in our very own Rocklea manufacturing facility – with a focus on creating climate-controlled environments that stand up to the test.

Crafting Trucks For The Australian Climate

When we began manufacturing our own trucks over 30 years ago, we thought carefully about the unique challenges and needs that come with transporting temperature-sensitive cargo across the vast distances that goods travel in this country.

The Use Of Superior Materials

At Scully RSV, we use only premium-grade fibreglass in the construction of our truck bodies. This lightweight material offers superior thermal insulation, reflecting the scorching Australian sun and maintaining consistent temperatures inside the cargo bay. This means that your cargo stays cool and safe, even in the unlikely event that the refrigeration unit happens to be performing poorly.

Our Australian fibreglass panels are a lightweight champion, which helps to cut down on running costs and boosts our trucks’ long-term fuel efficiency. Additionally, Scully RSV climate controlled trucks feature high-grade stainless steel prominently, ensuring lasting durability and resistance to corrosion in humid environments. Finally, many of our trucks have reinforced flooring that offering increased strength, durability and performance for heavy loads over long distances. 

Our Unmatched Craftsmanship

Every Scully RSV truck is hand-crafted by skilled tradespeople right here in Australia. Our 1-12 tonne (and up to 14 pallet) capacity utilising Hino, Isuzu or Toyota chassis and parts to create trucks that are reliable no matter the weather. Plus, our close attention to detail ensures tight seals, seamless construction, and minimal heat transfer points, guaranteeing optimal temperature control, regardless of the outside climate.

Each of Scully RSV’s trucks also offer a range of advanced dividers, curtains and door options, which help to create a better environment for those using refrigerated trucks, and help to keep cool air in, when transporting goods in hot weather. Fully adjustable curtains or dividers are extremely effective, limiting the total energy expenditure for delivering smaller loads. They are also useful for partitioning when different perishables are being delivered.

Advanced Refrigeration Technology

Scully RSV partners with industry leaders – including Carrier and ThermoKing – to equip our trucks with state-of-the-art refrigeration units. These powerful systems boast precise temperature control, efficient operation, and the ability to adapt to even the most demanding environments.

Rigorous Testing And Quality Control

Before hitting the road, every Scully RSV truck undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures. This includes simulating extreme heat and humidity conditions to ensure consistent performance and unwavering reliability, even in the most challenging Australian landscapes.

The result? Climate controlled trucks that are a class above the rest. Our commitment to quality materials, expert craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and testing translates to a range of benefits for our clients, including:

  • Unwavering temperature control: A Scully RSV climate controlled truck or ute ensures your cargo arrives fresh and in perfect condition, regardless of the outside climate
  • Reduced spoilage and waste: Our trucks minimise losses and maximise profits by preserving the quality of your goods
  • Peace of mind and trust: Know that your valuable cargo is in safe hands, no matter how hot or humid the journey gets
  • Compliance with regulations: Scully RSV’s engineered trucks adhere to the strictest food safety and transport regulations, giving you peace of mind.

So, when Australian heat turns up the pressure, trust our cutting-edge, climate controlled trucks to deliver your temperature-sensitive cargo across the nation, safe and sound. Talk to our team today, and discover a refrigerated transport solution tailored specifically for you, from Scully RSV.

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