5 Ways To Create Your Desired Custom Truck with Scully RSV

At Scully RSV, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients, including major logistics suppliers right through to food, produce and supermarket customers – meaning that we know what goes into a superior refrigerated vehicle. If you’re looking to make a cool change, there are a number of ways to improve on your existing refrigerated van or truck to make it even more of a priceless tool for your business.

Fruitlink truck

Custom Wrap

This is perhaps one of the biggest perks of choosing a custom vehicle, since it also acts as an advertisement on wheels! Custom graphics on your refrigerated vehicle can help to get your brand’s name out there, since as you transport your refrigerated cargo, you’ll be driving across town and get plenty of eyes on your vehicle.

At Scully RSV, we can help you get the right branding on your truck – and, if you choose to purchase your initial vehicle with us, you’ll also benefit from our quality custom truck builds made by hand on-site by us with parts from renowned suppliers including Toyota, Carrier and Isuzu.

Hungry Jacks Truck

Custom Fitout

A custom fitout for your refrigerated truck ensures that you have a vehicle that is fully customised to your business requirements, lessening the chance of expired stock due to a poorly equipped refrigerated vehicle. A custom fitout with Scully RSV can include your preferred framing, sides, doors, access and lockable storage compartments, as well as design and fabrication with consideration to weight and your cooling needs.

Variable Temps And The Right Cooling For You

Not all refrigerated goods can be stored at the same temperature: seafood and meat will vary from what is required for a florist, for example. With a vehicle purchased from and modified by Scully RSV, you can get the right refrigeration requirements for your stock, with variable temperatures from 20℃ through to -20℃. We’ll sit down with you and find exactly what you need for your product to reduce the chance of spoilage.

We import a wide range of industry leading chassis, fridge and tail lift makes and models, and partner with both locally sourced and quality imported components to manufacture our bodies.

Fibreglass Body

A fibreglass body is absolutely something you should consider for your custom truck: not only is it a fantastic insulator when it comes to keeping product cold, but it is far superior in terms of weight than steel. At Scully RSV, we utilise fibreglass as it offers 20-30 per cent better thermal efficiency without compromising on strength and durability. As a lighter material than steel, you can also expect to use less fuel and incur less maintenance costs as a result. All of our handcrafted truck bodies are built using a high-end fibreglass process.

Optional Extras

Customisation means that you can create the vehicle of your dreams! You can pick your preference of dividers, pallet skates and strips, curtains, door seals and kick panels to best cater to your needs. 

At Scully RSV, we can work with you to create the custom truck that best suits your business’ requirements. Whether you’re transporting food, flowers or pharmaceuticals, we have the solution to your needs. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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