If you have a wedding cake business or are a professional wedding planner, you have the responsibility of making sure everything goes to plan on the most important day of their lives.

Perfection is what your clients demand and this is especially important for the cake.

A wedding cake is a work of art and it needs to be delivered to the venue in perfect condition. Whilst protecting a wedding cake during transport is challenging, temperature-controlled delivery provides a solution for both bakers and planners.

There are many reasons why temperature-controlled delivery is a must for wedding cakes, but three of the most important are safety, quality and presentation.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the risks and how to minimise them so your cake arrives without a hitch.

Let’s dig in!

1. Ensure It’s Safe To Eat

As beautiful as they may be, wedding cakes are designed to be eaten and this means ensuring food safety precautions are taken.

Most cakes contain ingredients such as milk and eggs which can be potentially hazardous if not kept at certain temperatures. Refrigeration helps to minimise the growth of any bacteria and avoid any potential food poisoning disasters for guests.

Safe temperatures are 5ºC or colder and you should aim to keep any potentially hazardous foods at this level wherever possible.

2. Keep It Tasting Delicious

Aside from food safety, temperature-controlled delivery is also important for the quality of your cake.

Baked goods are best when they’re served fresh and a dramatic temperature change can cause them to go stale. This is especially true for delicate cakes such as wedding cakes which can be easily damaged if not transported correctly.

Same as the tradition of saving a piece of wedding cake for your first anniversary, keeping it at a cold temperature and allowing it to defrost in a refrigerator will keep it tasting just as good as intended.

3. Make It Look Spectacular

Finally, you’ll want to avoid a catastrophe and keep the wedding cake looking spectacular.

When it comes to transporting the cake, it’s important that it remains on a flat surface. If the cake is transported on a car seat or somebody’s lap, the body heat generated can cause the cake to melt and the lean may cause instability.

For tall cakes, it’s especially important to take extra care when loading and unloading, as well as driving very carefully, to avoid any collapses.

A final tip, refrigerate your cake until just before your event commences for optimum freshness and avoid direct sunshine or any source of heat when displaying your cake to prevent melting!

Which Vehicle Is Best For Temperature-Controlled Delivery?

Whether you’re a baker, wedding planner or looking to start your own niche delivery business, finding the right vehicle is key.

When it comes to wedding cake delivery, we recommend one of our refrigerated utes. We have a range of options to suit your needs, including Ute Hire, New Ute Sale and Used Ute Sales.

For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing and servicing high-quality refrigerator trucks for the cold chain logistics industry. Scully RSV specialises in refrigerated transport vehicles and is one of Australia’s leading dealers for new and used delivery vehicles with refrigeration. We have locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and our friendly service team would be delighted to help find you a solution.

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