Tailgate Trucks

Tailgate trucks are a vital part of the logistics and transport industry in Australia and an invaluable asset for businesses across various sectors – which is why Scully RSV tailgate trucks can be a great addition to your fleet or business. We offer competitive long-term hire rates for those looking to hire tailgate trucks, all of which utilise hydraulic lift platforms that help to lift a load on and off a truck, providing a safer means of transporting heavy goods. 

If you’re searching for tailgate trucks for your business, rest assured Scully RSV can supply you with the vehicles you need to move forwards.

Why Hire Tailgate Trucks From Scully RSV?

With a huge fleet of utes, trucks and trailers available on short term or long term rental, Scully RSV is the partner you can rely on to provide flexible solutions, and high quality service.

From 1 tonne utes to 14-pallet jumbos and a range of line-haul and distribution single and b-double trailers across our national branch network, you can always rely on a Scully RSV. And, having been in the business of logistics for over 30 years, we know where tailgate trucks operate best, as well as all their benefits.

Efficient Loading and Unloading

Tailgate trucks eliminate the need for manual lifting, reducing the risk of injuries and strain on workers – which means happier, more comfortable staff. This efficiency translates to faster turnaround times and improved productivity.

Versatility Where You Need It Most

Tailgate trucks are suitable for a wide range of goods, and are commonly used in the delivery of food, beverages, produce and meat. This makes them a versatile choice for businesses with diverse refrigerated transport needs.

Increased Accessibility

The lift gates on these trucks ensure that cargo can be easily accessed and manoeuvred, even in tight spaces. This accessibility is especially advantageous in urban environments where space is limited.

Refrigerated Tailgate Trucks – A Scully RSV Specialty

Not only do our tailgate trucks help you move stock efficiently and safely, but our trucks have the unique added trait of being able to help you with your refrigerated goods, too. Our state-of-the-art cooling systems ensure that heavy palettes of seafood, fresh food and more. With partners including Toyota, Hino, Carrier, Isuzu, Thermoking, Anteo and D’Hollandia. You can put your trust in our refrigerated tailgate trucks in all sizes, available via our depots located across Australia in Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart

Talk To The Team Today

For more information on our tailgate truck hire, or to get a quote on your short– or long-term truck hire, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re proud to service the Australian cold chain industry with quality, reliability, flexibility and great service. You can always rely on a Scully RSV!