Seafood Van Hire

Australians love their seafood – we each consume around 15kg of it each year, making it a significant part of our diets. Then there are the myriad of seafood festivals and huge fish markets around the country, which is why safe seafood transport is so important when you’re a seafood supplier or distributor. 

At Scully RSV, we excel in providing reliable and high-quality seafood van hire across the country. Our fleet of vehicles includes utes in various sizes of trucks and trailers with skillfully crafted refrigeration systems to keep your seafood stock safe, reducing stock spoilage and the risk of contamination where it matters most.  Our short-term and long-term truck and trailer rental services are designed to cater to the strict health and safety requirements of food transporters who need to move their stock to various locations including markets, events and more. Having been in the transport business for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on offering our clients only the best possible service. No matter where you are located across Australia, from Queensland to Western Australia, you’re bound to come across a Scully truck.


Why Choose Scully For Your Seafood Van Hire?

When timing and freshness of your seafood is critical, turn to Scully RSV for your seafood van hire. There are a wealth of benefits of partnering with us.


Seafood van hire with Scully RSV can be a very convenient way for seafood businesses to reach their customers. With a van, seafood vendors can move from location to location, attending festivals, markets and other events, getting many eyes on your business at once. Van hire also allows you to expand your reach, expanding your customer base without having to commit to a permanent brick-and-mortar location.


Seafood van hire allows for flexibility when it comes to how your business operates. With a hire van, you can adjust your schedule to suit their customers’ needs, attending events and locations where demand is highest according to seasonal trends. You can also more easily change their menu or offerings to match the preferences of their target market. This flexibility can help you stay competitive and adapt to changes in the market.


Seafood van hire can be a more cost-effective way for businesses to operate compared to purchasing a fleet permanently, meaning that van hire can be significantly cheaper in terms of initial investment and ongoing costs. Vendors can also avoid the overhead expenses associated with a fixed location, such as rent, utilities, and maintenance. This can help businesses keep their prices competitive and increase their profit margins.

Scully trucks lined up

Seafood Van Hire In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Townsville, Brisbane and Beyond

Whether you’re making deliveries or need to transport seafood for an event, Scully RSV has headquarters in many major metropolitan centres around Australia. This includes Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – meaning that there’s a Scully RSV vehicle ready for you nearby. We also service Adelaide and Hobart. Get in touch today and talk to our team about seafood van hire near you. 

Want a permanent refrigerated truck solution for your seafood business? Consider buying a vehicle directly from us. Australian-owned and built with pride, a Scully RSV truck is a true investment in your business.