Refrigerated Ute Hire

At Scully RSV, we are experts at manufacturing  high quality refrigerated trucks – designed to withstand the rigours of long-term transport use. However,  we understand that not all of our customers need a long-term solution to cold transportation. For situations where you need a refrigerated ute temporarily, we offer competitive rates on refrigerated ute hire in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Perth. 

We provide refrigerated ute hire to a range of industries including the food and pharmaceutical segments, but our utes are suitable for just about any requirement. We have three sizes of refrigerated utes to choose from for both short– and long-term hire, providing flexible rental solutions to fit your needs.

Our Refrigerated Utes

All of our refrigerated utes require a C-class licence, are petrol automatics, and have a temperature range of +20℃ to -20 degrees℃, making them suitable for transporting both chilled and frozen goods. They come built with our latest model Scully RSV premium fibreglass bodies, which are lightweight, strong and excellent insulators. Fitted with Carrier refrigeration units, our refrigerated utes also feature refrigerated body side doors and recessed locking door handles for easy operation and security for your inventory.

All cold trucks and refrigerated utes in the hire fleet are handcrafted by our very own expert engineers in our purpose built production facility out of Brisbane, Queensland. Our extensive fleet of trucks includes only leading industry brands, including Toyota, Isuzu and Hino.

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Short Term Refrigerated Ute Hire

Looking to hire a refrigerated ute for a day, a weekend, or a week? Scully RSV can help you out with our range of vehicles for hire. Wherever you are located across Australia we have branches and services across the country readily available to deliver flexible hire solutions to fit every schedule and budget. All Scully RSV trucks and trailers are regularly serviced (including the truck and fridge) in order to ensure optimum reliability and quality workmanship.

Long Term Refrigerated Ute Hire

If you need refrigerated ute hire for a week, a month or longer, Scully RSV can provide competitive hire rates to help your business grow, saving you capital. Our long term ute, truck and trailer solutions provide practical and cost effective options for any business that needs to transport refrigerated goods.

Scully trucks lined up

Why Choose Scully RSV?

Because we’re specialists in what we do and we’ve been doing this for over 30 years. We help you save on the high purchase cost of a new vehicle whilst also allowing you to experience the benefits of owning your own vehicle – without the ongoing costs such as insurance, registration, servicing, maintenance and repairs.

We also provide flexible terms and peace of mind, looking after your vehicle while you look after your business.