Refrigerated Truck Hire Newcastle

A bustling port and place of industry, Newcastle is always on the move – so you’ll need a team that can help you get the job done. At Scully RSV, we are dedicated to offering dependable and top-notch refrigerated ute, truck and trailer rental services all over the country, including the busy Newcastle region, the Hunter Valley and its surrounds. Our range of vehicles includes smaller models like utes as well as larger trucks and trailers, ensuring that whatever your cargo may be, Scully RSV can assist you in transporting it securely and reliably. Our refrigerated vehicles maintain a constant temperature, minimising the risk of product spoilage and providing cost savings to our clients.

Our core mission is focused on quality, reliability, flexibility and service and we proudly work with a broad range of customers in food and grocery, pharmaceutical, flora, beverages and refrigerated transport.Learn more about Scully RSV and how we can help expand your business.

Why Choose Scully For Your Refrigerated Truck Hire Newcastle?

Newcastle is the gateway to some great experiences, particularly the fantastic wineries, restaurants and festivals of the Hunter region. If you’re operating a business in Newcastle, consider a Scully RSV refrigerated truck for your vending needs. Here’s why you should partner with us.


We’re Convenient, And Experienced

One of the most notable benefits of a refrigerated truck is that it provides a safe and controlled environment for transporting temperature-sensitive products. Our refrigerated trucks are specially designed to maintain a consistent temperature inside the cargo area, making them ideal for transporting perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, and other products that require specific temperature ranges. Our expertise in building and maintaining refrigerated trucks – which are customised in our own Australian workshops to meet the sometimes gruelling needs for refrigerated trucks in summer – means that you can rest assured that your goods are in safe hands when you hire a Scully RSV truck.

We’re Safe, And Reliable

Refrigerated truck hire is also an ideal option for your Newcastle-based businesses that need to transport goods over long distances. Whether you’re moving products across the country or just a few states over, our refrigerated trucks can help maintain the quality and freshness of your goods throughout the journey.

Scully Truck 10 pallet with tailgate

We’re Flexible

Finally, refrigerated truck hire Newcastle provides flexibility for businesses that do not have their own refrigerated vehicles. Rather than investing in a refrigerated truck, or an entire fleet of trucks, you can simply rent one when you need it. This can be particularly useful for small businesses or those that only need to transport temperature-sensitive goods on an occasional basis.

Refrigerated truck hire with Scully RSV provides a practical, convenient, and flexible solution for businesses looking to transport temperature-sensitive goods reliably and safely.

Scully trucks lined up

Refrigerated Truck Hire in Newcastle

Whether you’re making deliveries or need to transport frozen chilled food for an event, Scully RSV is here to make your refrigerated truck hire Newcastle simple. Get in touch today and talk to our team about how our trucks can benefit your business.
Or maybe you want a permanent refrigerated truck solution for your business? Consider buying a vehicle directly from us. Australian-owned and built with pride by our team, a Scully RSV truck is a true investment in your business.