Refrigerated Transport Hire

Hiring a refrigerated ute or truck can be of great benefit to any business that relies on temperature-controlled logistics to operate. Regardless if you’re a small business owner, or an enterprise requiring a customised fleet, Scully RSV can provide you with the right vehicle/s for your needs. Our refrigerated transport hire services are available for both short-term hire as well as long-term hire, making it a flexible solution for your Australian business.

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Short-Term Refrigerated Transport Hire

Scully RSV’s short-term hire refrigerated vehicles come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. Start small with a 1-tonne capacity ute, go large with a 12-tonne truck, or opt for something in-between.  Our short-term hire solution is flexible and available for any number of days, weeks or months for a maximum four year hire term.

Long-Term Refrigerated Transport Hire

Scully RSV’s long-term refrigerated vehicle hire options are available for new and used trucks of any size. This long-term solution is available for those needing a ute and truck for a minimum of four years, and we’ll look after the full service and maintenance expenses of your vehicle!

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Hire Quality Refrigerated Transport with Australia Wide Delivery

To ensure that our trucks are the best quality possible, all of our vehicles are subject to strict quality control and process measures during construction. Our truck bodies are made by qualified tradesmen using premium materials, and all trucks are backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee.

Scully RSV also offers Australia-wide delivery on all trucks!

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