portable refrigeration

Successfully operating and profiting from a food-related business can be an extreme challenge without the right tools at your disposal. This is because of the perishable nature of many food products, and the extreme nature of the Australian heat. By leveraging Brisbane’s portable refrigeration services, the shelf life of food can be dramatically lengthened to support a days event, and also assist the accompanying transportation to and from the event.

There are countless benefits of hiring a refrigerated ute or refrigerated truck when catering for private events, corporate functions and festivals. These include ease of setting up and packing down, having an organised arrangement of products, as well as the ability to provide consistently fresh food for your guests and customers.

There are always events happening in Brisbane. When business owners realise the convenience that comes with bringing a temperature-controlled vehicle to these events, it becomes impossible to revert to old habits. These are the outdoor events that benefit from portable refrigeration and mobile coolroom hire.


portable refrigeration festival

When catering for food or music festivals, having access to the right-sized cold room or mobile freezer will allow you to flawlessly deliver your favourite dishes or beverages to the entire crowd. Portable refrigeration hire will make your restaurant, cafe or bar service run smoothly at your next event. Whether your business is catering at Brisbane favourites like Paniyiri Greek Festival, Regional Flavours, or Riverfire, it’s essential to always be prepared.

Weddings and Engagements

portable refrigeration wedding

With weddings less likely to be hosted inside a church, and more likely to be held at a park, hinterland, or the beach, catering will likely face challenges regarding weather-related concerns. With the help of a refrigerated ute or truck, depending on the number of guests in attendance, there’s no longer a need to stress about the longevity of your food or the temperature of supplied beverages. And, this means more time can be spent perfecting your event.

Product Launches

portable refrigeration corporate

When a business launches a new product, this event is the defining success factor of that product or venture. Portable refrigeration is extremely important when it comes to the launch of perishable foods like dairy, or cosmetics as discussed in our previous blog, 3 (Surprising) Things that Require Refrigerated Courier Trucks. Having access to a temperature-controlled vehicle can make a world of difference in the outcome of your launch.

Sporting Events

portable refrigeration sporting

Brisbane celebrates the Tour De Brisbane yearly in April. A refrigerated truck can improve the level of service given and customer satisfaction at any outdoor sporting event. As well as this, it provides the athletes with proper cooling and nutrition so they can perform at their maximum potential. This creates the lively atmosphere we love at Australian sporting events.


portable refrigeration markets

The Brisbane Flower Markets or the Brisbane Produce Markets are a great way for industry players to gain business traction and see an increase in sales.  Portable refrigeration allows for backup products or stock to be kept at a regulated temperature while the other products are purchased first. It’s also beneficial if you have orders that are awaiting pick up, so the product can remain hidden and avoid enquiries whilst unavailable to the public.

Scully RSV. Your Portable Refrigeration Specialists

Get ahead of the competition by using Scully’s Refrigerated Special Vehicles for your outdoor event plans. There is a range of different size vehicles available for short-term or long-term hire, as well as new and used refrigerated vehicles available for purchase. With trucks ranging from one-tonne cool back utes to specialised high-back 12-tonne trucks, you’re guaranteed to find a truck that perfectly suits your requirements.

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