Medium Rigid Truck Hire

If you’re looking to hire a truck that can keep pace with your business’ demands, why not enquire with Scully RSV about our medium rigid truck hire? We provide refrigerated truck rentals all over the country, including major cities and business hubs, to help get you on the road faster.


What Is A Medium Rigid Truck And Does My Business Need One?

A medium rigid truck is a type of commercial vehicle designed for transporting goods and materials – and at Scully RSV, we specialise in the additional feature of equipping all of our medium rigid trucks with refrigeration units.

Medium rigid trucks fall under the classification of trucks based on their weight and size, with the medium rigid category typically referring to vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) between 8,000 kilograms and 15,000 kilograms. These trucks are larger and more powerful than light commercial vehicles but smaller than heavy rigid or articulated trucks – so they can be a great choice if you need to move a good amount of stock.

Do I Need A Particular Licence For Medium Rigid Truck Hire?

As a larger truck, you will need a MR (Medium Rigid) licence in order to hire a medium rigid truck from Scully RSV. In order to apply for an MR licence, you will need to have held a car licence (or higher) for at least 12 months.

Scully trucks lined up

Why Should I Choose Scully RSV For My Medium Rigid Truck Hire?

We’re Convenient, And We’re Experts At What We Do

A standout advantage of our refrigerated medium rigid truck hire is our ability to provide a secure and controlled environment for transporting temperature-sensitive products. Designed for a high level of reliability, our trucks uphold a steady temperature within the cargo area, making them the perfect choice for perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, and other goods with specific temperature requirements. 

What sets us apart is our extensive experience in constructing and maintaining these refrigerated trucks, customised in our Australian workshops to withstand even the harshest demands of a hot Australian summer. With Scully RSV, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your goods are in safe hands.

We Understand The Key To Safe Transport

Whether your business is located in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart  or Adelaide – or anywhere else in the country – Scully RSV’s refrigerated medium rigid truck hire offers an ideal solution for transporting goods over considerable distances. Whether you need to move products across the country or a few states away, our fleet of refrigerated vehicles for hire ensure the quality and freshness of your goods throughout the entire journey. You can rely on our trucks to maintain optimal conditions, safeguarding your valuable cargo.

Our Trucks Are Tailored To Your Needs

At Scully RSV, we understand the importance of adaptability for businesses lacking their own fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Instead of investing in a refrigerated truck or spending a huge amount of money on purchasing your own fleet, you can simply rent a truck from us when the need arises. This level of flexibility proves especially advantageous for small businesses or those requiring occasional transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

Refrigerated truck hire with Scully RSV delivers a practical, convenient, and flexible solution for businesses seeking reliable and secure transport for temperature-sensitive goods. Experience the difference for yourself.