Scully RSV’s Long Term Fleet Solutions

Looking for superior long term fleet solutions? Scully RSV has a range of premium refrigerated vehicles that boast superior thermal efficiency for hire throughout Australia. Reduce total business expenses and improve the quality and presentation of your fleet with Scully RSV.

Scully RSV can supply vehicles to suit your individual requirements, no matter the size, transmission, make or model. Scully RSV offers a wide range of fleet solutions ranging from 1 to 14 tonnes, with single day to yearly rental periods offered.

Benefits of Leveraging Scully RSV’s Long-Term Fleet Solutions

Scully RSV’s long term fleet solutions offer a number of advantages for companies looking to expand their business. We wear the asset cost on our books, so you can use your capital to invest in growth.

With our long-term solution, the minimum contract term is 4 years however, you may return the vehicle with a 3-month notice period following the initial 12 months of your contract. The benefits of our Long Term Hire Service include:

Flexible and Adaptive

Short-term refrigerated truck hire allows you to choose a model based on conservative business projections. If demand for your product rises quickly, you can switch to a larger model with minimal fuss.

Risk Minimisation

As a business owner weighing up whether to purchase a refrigerated truck, you might first consider an extended loan to better understand the nuances and efficiencies of your desired vehicle.

Conserve Capital

Hiring refrigerated transport will cost you less upfront, allowing you greater flexibility to invest your capital in different ways. You won’t have to think about depreciation and you can choose from advanced models whenever you wish to update.

Known, Fixed Costs

Remove the hassle of unexpected cost spikes during servicing and other vehicle expenditure with a fixed monthly lease rate. With Scully RSV’s long term fleet solutions you can ensure fixed operating costs and avoid depreciation.

With our long-term fleet solutions, we look after the full service and maintenance expenses. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Brand new, fully customised RSV vehicle
  • Annual vehicle registration and insurance paid
  • Truck service costs
  • Refrigerator service costs
  • Windscreen Replacement
  • 24/7 Callout for Truck, Fridge & Tyres
  • 24/7 Customer Support Services

Tax Advantages

The rental price of our long term fleet solutions are tax deductible on operating leases where the vehicle is used to generate taxable income.

Scully truck driving on road

Scully RSV’s Vehicles Boast Superior Thermal Efficiency

We know that our customers need the most reliable thermal efficiency in their vehicles. This is why Scully RSV works with leading refrigeration unit manufacturers, Thermo King and Carrier.

As well as this, Scully RSV truck bodies are made from fibreglass to provide superior insulation, higher payload capacity and fantastic structural integrity. Fibreglass truck bodies have been estimated to be 20-30% more thermally efficient than their steel counterparts, giving you peace of mind in the case of refrigeration failure.

Australian-Made Refrigerated Trucks for Sale

Scully RSV specialises in the sale of 100% Australian built custom truck bodies. They are made to order in either one of our two premium locations. As well as focusing on the mechanical engineering of the product, Scully RSV emphasises the importance of improving:

  • The interior and exterior visual aesthetics of the vehicle
  • The on-road comfort of the vehicle
  • The integration of technology to improve the drivers’ experience

Our RSV range includes vehicles from 1-tonne to 12-tonne capacity. Our refrigerated trucks are available for purchase at a value exclusive to Scully RSV, and all trucks are backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee. Our refrigerated trucks for sale include:

  • 1 Tonne Cool Back RSV (High)
  • 1 Tonne Cool Back RSV
  • 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV | 2 Pallet
  • 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV | 3-4 Pallet
  • 4 Tonne 6 Pallet Alpine Mover RSV
  • 8 Tonne 8 Pallet Arctic Transit Refrigerated Truck
  • <8 Tonne 10 Pallet Arctic Transit Refrigerated Truck
  • 10 Pallet Arctic Transit RSV (High)
  • 12 Tonne 12 Pallet Arctic Mover RSV
  • 12 Tonne 14 Pallet Arctic Cargo RSV
  • 12 Tonne 14 Pallet Arctic Cargo Tower

Contact Scully RSV for Superior Long Term Fleet Solutions

At Scully RSV, we provide fast, reliable service and exceptional attention to detail. If you are looking for high quality long-term fleet solutions, value for money and superior customer service, get in touch today.