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Conquering Logistics For Large Businesses Across Australia, With Scully RSV 

Within the demanding world of large-scale logistics, maintaining a smooth and efficient operation is the difference between a thriving business and one that falls flat. For businesses dealing with temperature-sensitive goods, these stakes are even higher. That’s where a reliable partner for fleet truck hire becomes an invaluable asset – and as a provider of high-quality refrigerated trucks, we understand this better than anyone, and can help you to conquer your logistical challenges. 

Understanding The Needs of Large Businesses

At Scully RSV, we recognise the requirements of large-scale businesses across the country. From managing product distribution networks to following strict temperature control regulations, the needs go beyond simply renting a truck. The solution? Fleet truck hire that can keep up with the demands of your business. Here is how a partnership with Scully RSV can assist you.

We Have Diverse Fleet Options To Suit Your Needs

Scully RSV boasts a comprehensive fleet of carefully maintained refrigerated trucks of various sizes and capabilities. This allows large businesses to choose the perfect vehicle for their specific needs. Whether it’s transporting delicate pharmaceuticals across the country or delivering fresh produce within a city, we have a vehicle size to suit.

We Have Nationwide Coverage

At Scully RSV, we have depots located all across Australia in order to offer our services nationwide. This is because we know large businesses – especially those with complex logistics networks – span different states, and will benefit from consistent access to our reliable refrigerated trucks.

We Provide Scalability And Flexibility

The reason why fleet truck hire is an ideal choice for large business is its adaptability. Scully RSV understands that business needs can fluctuate, which is why we offer flexible rental options for both long-term and short-term hire. This allows for large companies to scale their refrigerated truck usage up or down seamlessly based on seasonal demands or project requirements, such as Christmas and the warmer seasons.

Our Most Recent Partnerships

We know how big businesses need to run, because we’ve partnered with quite a few. Most recently, two Scully vehicles have been a part of the OzHarvest team – and in just over 12 months, they have diverted 218,000kg of food, delivered 438,000 meals, and avoided 12 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.


We’ve also worked alongside Meredith Dairy, creating a custom-built refrigerated truck in Queensland. We used Australian sourced panels and reinforced flooring to create this 14 pallet jumbo refrigerated truck in order to meet the unique and specific requirements of dairy transport in our hot Australian climate.

Over 30 Years Of Industry Expertise

At Scully RSV, we have decades of experience when it comes to working with large companies across diverse industries. Our expert team understands the complex logistical challenges faced by businesses dealing with temperature-sensitive goods – which is why, above all else, we have a deep commitment to safety and compliance. Our refrigerated trucks for hire strictly follow industry regulations, ensuring that specific cargo remains safe and spoil-free. 

Gain a competitive edge, with fleet truck hire from Scully RSV, and we’ll get you moving.

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