Drive Scully RSV’s Trusted Tail Lift Refrigerated Trucks

At Scully RSV, we specialise in a range of different refrigerated trucks for hire, including Tail lift refrigerated trucks for those who have safety and ease of transport at the heart of their everyday business. With depots all over Australia, Scully RSV is a vital link in the refrigerated transport chain, hiring trucks within Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, Perth and all over the country.

Why Hire A Tail lift Truck Over A Traditional Truck?

Tail lift refrigerated trucks are an essential piece of equipment for businesses that need to transport perishable goods. They offer a number of advantages over traditional refrigerated trucks, which is why we have added these trucks to our available fleet.

Increased Loading And Unloading Efficiency

Tail lift refrigerated trucks have a large Tail lift that opens up to the full width of the truck bed, making it easy to load and unload large or heavy items. This not only makes work easier, but it also improves safety for users, reducing the risk of injury during the loading and unloading of cargo.


Tail lift refrigerated trucks can be used to transport a wide variety of perishable goods, including food, beverages, flowers, and pharmaceuticals, reducing stock loss for your business.

How To Choose The Right Refrigerated Tail lift Truck For Your Business

If you’re considering renting a Tail lift refrigerated truck from Scully RSV, we recommend you keep a few things in mind to ensure we can pair you with the correct vehicle. These include:

  • Size. Tail lift refrigerated trucks come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to choose one that is large enough to accommodate your needs. Choosing a truck that is too large can lead to increased fuel costs, can be difficult to manoeuvre, and increase the risk of damage to your cargo.
  • Temperature control. To ensure food safety, product quality and to meet regulatory compliance, ensuring that you have a truck that can be set to the right temperature for your refrigerated goods is vital.
  • What about points around door configurations and loading access? Type of goods transported? License?
Refrigerated Short-term Truck Hire
Scully trucks lined up

Why Hire A Tail Lift Refrigerated Truck From Scully RSV?

As refrigerated vehicle experts, Scully RSV can help you find the perfect refrigerated truck for your needs. All of our trucks are well-maintained and regularly inspected to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards, and we offer competitive rental rates and flexible rental terms on both long– and short-term rentals. With electric standby units in all trucks and trailers, 24/7 callout support and vehicle insurance, your business is safe with Scully RSV.

Our team of experienced professionals are available to help you choose the right truck and to answer any questions you have. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable Tail lift refrigerated truck rental company, Scully RSV is the perfect choice for you.