Short Term Vehicle Hire

With over 30 years in refrigerated truck supply in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Perth, Scully RSV is your go-to for refrigerated transport in the short term. Whether you require a vehicle for a day, a week or a month, our short term vehicle hire can provide quick and easy solutions to your business. We have a truck or trailer for just about every job!

Ideal for small business owners right through to larger companies, our fleet of utes and trucks will help you get your cold goods from one point to another worry-free. We regularly service and tend to our vehicles so that they’re road-ready when you are.

Why Buy, When You Can Rent?

Unless you know that your truck is going to be used for an extended period of time, it can be a much more economical choice to hire a truck for the short term. This is because you’re only paying for the rent of the truck, rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars to buy up front. Additionally, refrigerated vehicles can be expensive to purchase new, and the cost may not be justified if you don’t find yourself using the truck regularly.

Short term vehicle hire also allows you to lock in a price for the rent, which means you can budget better for your business. You’re also able to access your truck right away, rather than hunt one down, and if you find you need to upgrade to something bigger or more heavy duty, we can help you do so.

Short Term Vehicle Hire Across Australia

Scully RSV has locations all across Australia, meaning we can provide refrigerated vehicles all across the country. Whether you’re after short term vehicle hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or even Perth, we have a fleet of vehicles that can help you transport everything from fresh produce to pharmaceuticals and everything in between.

All trucks in our hire fleet are handcrafted by us in our purpose built production facility, and are on average around 2-3 years old. Our extensive fleet of utes, pallet trucks and trailers include only leading industry brands, and are maintained to the highest standards.

Refrigerated Trailer Hire

Why Choose Scully RSV Short Term Vehicle Hire?

We’re local, we take pride in our vehicles, and we offer competitive rental prices for you and your business. We work with reliable industry vans to ensure our vehicles can go the distance. Our wide customer base includes major logistics suppliers right through to food, produce and supermarket customers. Unrivalled in quality and reliability, our team of highly qualified fridge and diesel mechanics regularly service and work on our fleet ensuring a compliant and reliable trailer suited to your needs.