Refrigerator Trucks Melbourne

Ready to expand your logistics fleet across Victoria?

Cold-chain logistics is a demanding industry. It requires reliability, speed and flexibility. It’s above all service-focused and has to satisfy a diverse range of stakeholders.

Meeting these demands and more is Scully RSV. Established in 1993 when there was little innovation in the industry, we have grown into one of Australia’s leading partners for cold chain logistics. Our operations encompass manufacturing, servicing, sales and hire across locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

We provide access to a huge fleet of vehicles ranging from 1-Tonne utes to 12-tonne trucks. Recently merging with Australian Trailer Rentals has also increased our trailer rental offering to include 14 pallet Bogie-axle trailers up to 34 pallet B Double combinations. This provides Scully RSV with arguably the most comprehensive fleet offering in Australia.

This is complemented by a support system of manufacturing and servicing that is done entirely in-house, giving us control over every aspect of the vehicle.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry mean Scully RSV has the best refrigerator trucks Melbourne has to offer.

Putting The Special Into RSV

In addition to simply designing better products, our company emphasises a customer-centric focus. By understanding customer’s wants and needs, we are able to improve the Scully RSV range beyond the mechanical engineering of the product. We invest considerable time exploring areas of the exterior and interior visual aesthetics of the vehicles as well as improving comfort and the integration of technology to improve the drivers’ experience. This is a powerful solution to a major non-logistical problem facing the trucking industry which is attracting reliable, qualified drivers and retaining them for the long term.

Premium Truck Manufacturing In Australia

Scully RSV manufactures around 250 trucks every year, with our volume growing year-on-year. We start with a solid foundation from Japan’s renowned automakers Toyota, Hino and Isuzu. Garnering praise from critics and users alike, they have superior capabilities at challenging road conditions and reliability when clocking up miles.

Once we have checked over for any possible defects, our skilled engineers carry out a quality conversion process that includes:

  • Hand laid fibreglass for premium insulation and structural integrity to regulate temperature from -20ºC to +20ºC. 
  • Carrier refrigeration units that are more efficient, reliable and quieterthan other manufacturers.
  • Installing Inaurio’s Perspio™ platform for on-board telemetry, enabling customers to access real-time information on trucks and their refrigerated cargo. This data can be integrated into their asset management platforms for supply chain transparency.
  • DuraGal® frames for strength, durability and rust prevention.
  • Internals with two rails of load locks and bars for securing and maximising space as standard, with the ability to customise as required.
  • All work is completed with a ‘white rag policy’ to ensure no excess dirt is around during manufacturing.

These essential features are backed by a 12-24 month workmanship guarantee so you’ve got a great-looking, reliable truck for years to come.

Short & Long Term Hire Solutions

Customers can access a range of fleet options including short and long term hire solutions. We have particular focus on long term hire and fleet solutions because it enables a raft of benefits related to capital, servicing and repairs. Learn more about the advantages of leasing your transportation fleet here.

Refrigerator Trucks Melbourne Hire Solutions:

We have short and long term hire refrigerator trucks in Melbourne, that are suitable for any refrigerated product, stock volume and budget. Our customers operate in diverse segments of the refrigerated truck industry such as food, beverages, transport, medical and flora and our team understands how to create a solution that’s tailored to you.

We also offer new and used truck sales alongside our hire options to give customers unparalleled options and customisation.

Make Your Next Move With Scully RSV

Our team can help you hire or buy with convenience and flexibility, so you can be driving away in no time.

Contact us Scully RSV today to find out how your business can access the best refrigerator trucks Melbourne has to offer.