Refrigerated Truck Hire Melbourne East

If anywhere in Australia is known for its great food, great coffee, and vibrant mix of cultures, it’s Melbourne. From some of the best Michelin star-worthy restaurants in the country to having the Yarra Valley right on its doorstep, Melbourne is always in need of businesses that can supply top-quality food, drinks, and even flowers to its busy calendar of events.

Refrigerated truck hire in Melbourne’s East through Scully RSV ensures that you can get your stock to and from these businesses with ease, knowing that our hire vans and trucks are equipped with the latest in refrigeration technologies and are built on-site in our various depots around the country. With short-term and long-term hire available, together we can build a lasting relationship that supports your food storage and delivery business where you need it most.

Scully RSV: Driving Business Around Melbourne

When it comes to transporting goods that require temperature-controlled conditions, the choice of vehicle can make all the difference. At Scully RSV, we set ourselves apart by offering a comprehensive range of refrigerated trucks, vans and trailers for hire. With a strong emphasis on flexibility, affordability, and the assurance of freshness, Scully RSV should be the first destination for individuals and businesses seeking reliable transportation solutions. We also offer purchase options, including both new models and used trucks that are still very high quality.

Hire from the industry leaders in refrigerated truck hire in Melbourne’s East. We’re your foodservice transport solution.

Scully Truck, Ute and Trailer

A Flexible Fleet Of Refrigerated Vehicles For Hire

Scully RSV customers gain access to a diverse fleet of refrigerated trucks and vans, each tailored to meet specific temperature-sensitive requirements. Whether it’s perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, or sensitive equipment, Scully RSV’s refrigerated vehicles are equipped to maintain the optimal temperature throughout the transportation process. With various sizes and capacities available, customers can handpick the perfect refrigerated vehicle to ensure their goods reach their destination fresh and intact.

Customizable Rental Periods

Scully RSV understands that transportation needs can vary significantly, which is why we can offer flexible rental periods to accommodate the changes in season and other unique problems that may arise when it comes to refrigerated truck hire in Melbourne’s East. Customers can choose from short-term leases and long-term leases, allowing them to optimise costs based on the duration of their requirements. This adaptability makes Scully RSV an ideal choice for short-term projects, seasonal demands, or spontaneous business opportunities that call for refrigerated transport.

Affordable Freshness

Despite offering premium refrigerated trucks and vans, Scully RSV remains committed to providing cost-effective solutions for businesses big and small. Our transparent pricing structure means that you receive a fair deal without any hidden fees or surprise charges. Our vehicles’ refrigeration systems are also meticulously maintained, promoting excellent energy efficiency that translates to reduced operating costs – and you’ll have access to our expert team of mechanics should anything go wrong.

Scully trucks lined up

By choosing Scully RSV, customers can experience the benefits of a cost-effective and fresh transportation experience. We also take pride in delivering outstanding customer service to every client, with a dedicated team of professionals well-versed in the details of refrigerated transportation. From initial inquiry to the return of the rented vehicle, Scully RSV’s friendly and attentive staff ensures a seamless and stress-free experience. Talk to us today and find out why we’re your best choice for refrigerated truck hire in Melbourne’s East.