Long Term Truck Lease

Unrivalled value and proven reliability

Are you looking to expand your fleet and take your logistics operation to the next level? Scully RSV is a partner that can help you grow through our industry-leading long term truck leases.

Driving innovation in one of the nation’s most essential industries, Scully RSV has a diverse fleet of trucks and trailers to meet your size, power, transmission and capacity needs. All our vehicles are converted onsite by our in-house manufacturing team to ensure the highest level of reliability. Looking after you every step of the way is our experienced customer team who make sure you drive away satisfied with a refrigerated truck that’s tailored to your needs.

Find out more about Scully RSV below.

30 Years Of Experience Delivering Refrigerated Transport

Scully RSV has been delivering refrigerated transport vehicles in Australia since 1993. At the time we were transforming the industry — decades on we’re leading the way.

Our vehicles are designed and built following a comprehensive refrigeration conversion process packed with essential features. We optimise the layout in the back, add creature comforts in the cab and install advanced temperature monitoring to keep your cargo fresh.

We apply this process across a range of utes and trucks giving you a wide selection of capabilities to choose from. Furthermore, our qualified team of mechanics look after every detail when servicing your vehicle for unrivalled reliability.


Building on this core capability, we developed our servicing, sales and hire systems to give the best possible experience to customers. Our years of experience help us guide you through the twists and turns of the cold-chain logistics industry and ensures you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way.

From your first phone call to the moment you pull out of the driveway in your new wheels and beyond, we’ll be there to offer help. You can stay in the loop with weekly news and tips for the industry too. 

There’s simply no better way to acquire and maintain a fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

Scully RSV can now be found all across Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our Trucks Are Built Tough

RSV stands for “refrigerated special vehicle” and rightly so. Each truck undergoes a complete transformation by our qualified tradesmen. Our team hand lay a fibreglass body for premium insulation and structural integrity to regulate temperature from -20ºC to +20ºC.

Our base and rear frames are all Duragal, which reduces chassis rust, and internals have two rails of load locks and bars for securing as standard. All of this is executed with our ‘white rag policy’ meaning no excess dirt is around during manufacturing and ensures you’ve got a great-looking, reliable truck for years to come.


What Is A Long Term Truck Lease?

We believe in the benefits of long term partnerships and our long term truck leases are designed to deliver sustainable growth and outstanding value to logistics providers. Our long term fleet solutions provide resources and expertise to ensure every order is tracked and fulfilled, adapting to any operational scale.

Advantages of Long Term Vehicle Hire

  • Long-term truck hire gives you known, fixed costs with a flat monthly lease rate that covers annual vehicle registration and insurance, truck servicing, refrigerator servicing and windscreen replacement. 
  • Remove depreciation from your income statement and take advantage of tax-deductible operating leases* (*where applicable – always obtain independent financial advice on your tax situation).
  • Minimise the risk of setting up a fleet with an experienced team that can recommend the best vehicle for your needs.
  • Flexible and adaptive leases allow you to switch to a larger model when demand rises.
  • Conserve capital and invest your capital into other areas of your business.

Another advantage of leasing your transportation fleet comes from a marketing side as you can add branded graphics that promote your business on the road. Having newer trucks keeps you looking fresh and also improves driver morale from better safety and comfort features, helping to lower turnover.

Lease Your Refrigeration Fleet With An Expert

There’s no doubt the logistics industry is a high-pressure industry that demands reliability. It also means simple and efficient service can keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly.

We’ve streamlined our process for leasing vehicles long term with a total package contract. This includes essential fleet management services like mechanical servicing plus consultancy and advice from fleet management experts.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Brand new or used Scully RSV vehicle
  • Annual vehicle registration and insurance paid
  • Truck service costs
  • Refrigerator service costs
  • 24/7 Callout for Truck
  • 24/7 Callout for Fridge
  • 24/7 Callout for Tyres
  • 24/7 Customer Support Services

We also understand that demand is constantly changing. If you need to change or cancel your contract sooner than expected, speak to us about returning the truck!

Scully trucks lined up

A Diverse Fleet For Every Need

Our range includes everything from 1-tonne utes for small jobs, to trucks with 12-tonne load capacity for large operations. We use trusted brands including Toyota, Hino and Isuzu due to their proven reliability around the world. We also have trailers ranging from 10 – 12 pallet A trailers to 14 – 24 pallet B trailers.

We have many different truck models to suit your transport needs. Explore our range below and get a quote today.

We also offer new and used trucks for sale alongside our hire options to give customers unparalleled options and customisation.

Get Yourself A Scully RSV Truck Today

As one of the leading suppliers of refrigerator trucks and trailers in Australia, you can trust you’re in good hands. Visit our locations in Archerfield or Eagle Farm in QLD, Lansvale in NSW and Truganina or Dandenong South in VIC or contact us to see how we can help your business with a long term truck lease today.