At Scully RSV, we recognise that when our partners thrive, we thrive too. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing the best refrigerator trucks in Australia and ensure our customer service is top-notch, in the office and beyond.

A shining example of this success can be seen with food transport provider In2Food (Brisbane). In2Food provides fresh produce delivery services connecting Australian farmers to city markets and restaurants. In2Food understands the power of partnerships from working with farmers, truck drivers and diverse customers. They have built a business with a love of fresh food but also taking pride in delivering more than just quality produce – they insist on safety, accountability and collaboration to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

Since partnering with Scully, they have been able to grow their business sustainably and keep up with industry innovations, building a long list of satisfied customers in the process.

Read on to find out how long-term refrigerated vehicle hire helped them do it.


Creating a successful logistics business is no easy feat. It requires an efficient supply chain, reliable network and dedicated team. The high pressures of delivery times require quick thinking and exceptional planning to ensure customers are looked after.

Ticking off reliable vehicle transport is an important part of the process. There are many things to consider – truck size, buy or hire, fit-out requirements and more. Quite often, the best solution for businesses, in the long run, is Long Term Fleet Solutions. It provides financial benefits such as known, fixed costs, conserves capital and improves cash flow as well as marketing benefits like maintaining a modern, sleek fleet, improved safety and decals for brand recognition.


refrigerated-vehicle-hire-in2food-brisbaneIn2Food Brisbane recognised the benefits of Long Term Fleet Solutions would suit their business perfectly and so refrigerated vehicle hire was their choice.

Scully RSV set In2Food up with two 2 Tonne Thermo Transit RSV standard height trucks in a 3 pallet combination. The tough and reliable Japanese made Hino had been fitted with a powerful Carrier air-conditioner and premium fibreglass body for insulation. The base and rear frames were Duragal treated for rust prevention and the internals were prepped with rails and load locks to secure goods. Finally, an eye-catching custom decal was printed on either side to increase brand recognition by customers – it’s like a billboard on wheels.


So what was the final outcome? Well, In2Food Brisbane has gone from strength to strength by expanding to double their number of customers and operating in the wider Brisbane area, growing sustainably like the fresh produce they deliver.

Scully RSV’s refrigerated vehicle hire allowed them to free up extra capital to expand their marketing activities and the custom decal has been noticed by customers too. The reliability of the trucks has meant less lost time waiting for repairs and it’s sleek new looks have improved driver morale and productivity.

Overall, it’s been a highly successful partnership with In2Food Brisbane and one we see continuing well into the future as they continue to grow.

Streamline Your Refrigerated Vehicle Hire With The Experts

Scully RSV is an Australian manufacturer of refrigerator trucks that has been satisfying customers for over 30 years. Our Archerfield, QLD and Lansvale, NSW locations connect a network that spans Australia-wide and our Long-Term Refrigerated Vehicle Hire is incredibly flexible.

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